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IT’S TRICKY TRYING TO TRACK THE HISTORIC ORIGINS OF PHOTOMONTAGE, or to even isolate great early practitioners of the technique. Suffice it to say that, ever since the development of the glass negative, people have wondered what it would look like if you stacked one of them on top of the other and printed the result. 372 more words


Google Integrates Ring Flash into new Macro Lens

Canon has announced that it has integrated ring flash into its EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM  lens.


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Digital Photography

Google's Ultra High Resolution Art Camera

Google has developed an ultra high resolution camera, it calls the Art Camera. They designed it to take pictures of works of art. Each image contains over one billion pixels, so many you can see individual brush strokes in the them. 31 more words

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Jacksonville's Jaguar!

If you live in Jacksonville, Fl… you most likely love the Jags.  The zoo has a beautiful exhibit for the jaguars and this big guy was playing with a ball in the water so if the picture seems a bit off it is because it was taken through shoddy glass at least 30 feet away.  10 more words


Def Leppard in Concert!

So a few months ago I took Doll to see Def Leppard which is one of my all time favorite bands ever!  They could never disappoint me! Here is bassist Rick Savage!