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A Spiritual Connection

I was posed the question; have I ever sworn that I saw something that others didn’t? This lead me down the path of a childhood memory that I felt strongly relates to this question, and I felt compelled to share it.    720 more words

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Laguna de Santa Rosa

Went on an early morning photo shoot out to the Laguna de Santa Rosa. Beautiful morning; birds singing; quiet (except for all of the road traffic. 33 more words

The visual thing that has stuck in my mind since I have seen it!

Seeing this image in The New York Times, the day after I shuffled my way down this very path, left me in awe and it has stuck with me ever since. 187 more words

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Three New Sigma Art Lenses

Lens maker Sigma has announced three new high-end lenses available in Canon, Nikon, and Sigma mounts. You can buy a special mount from Sigma that allows you to used them with Sony E-Mount cameras. 34 more words

Tips for Shooting in Manual Mode

I never shoot in manual mode, so I can’t comment on the efficacy of this article.

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Interview with A Family Member

I interviewed my fifteen-year-old daughter.  These are her answers to the following questions:

  1. What is one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen?
  2. 586 more words
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Take 360 Photos with Tiny Insta360 Air

The Insta360 Air is a tiny device that fits on top of your Android phone and enables it to take 360-degree photos and videos. It costs $119.

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