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Why You Should Always Shoot in RAW Format

I always shoot in RAW + JPEG with my Sony RX 100. RAW files are huge uncompressed files, and they contain all the information that was captured when you took a photo. 23 more words

The Bars Within

I’ve had a bad year – there’s been a tremendous amount of loss in my life and I’ve been finding my way out of it.  Art is cathartic and it’s creation is always emotional.   74 more words



My friend has an uncanny ability to find unusual objects hitherto unseen, in my photos.

In a old photo of me in a forest she found a small, fairy-like nymph hidden in the foliage. 66 more words


Autumn Circles

This is a new digital collage – one I’ve been feeling for a while.  I say feeling because it’s one of my few representational works.  It symbolizes the chaos that sometimes overtakes a life – leaving it battered and somewhat less shiny.   50 more words


I came across this little creature on my balcony. The wind was blowing it and it was clinging on for dear life. At first I thought it was a fragment of a leaf when I saw it fluttering in the wind and almost flattened to the concrete or whisked off over the edge of the balcony.

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Digital Photography

Shooting out of my comfort zone is one of my biggest challenges. I recently had the opportunity to shoot at the National Algerian Centre in London at The Concord Cafe Carlton Centre during the festival of Ramadan.

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Digital Photography

Getting Out of Auto-Focus

This is a useful article if you don’t want to leave your new camera set on Auto-focus all the time. I always leave my new camera, a Sony RX 100, set on auto-focus and make minor contrast adjustments in Photoshop.

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