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Shooting in the Cold – Tips for Winter Photography

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you should stop doing any photography. Winter photography can be magical, here are some tips for shooting in the cold to help you. 1,125 more words


Tips to Help You Find the Right Photography Studio Space to Rent

Are you looking to up your portrait, fashion, or product game but are running out of space in your home? Maybe you are on the cusp of having a steady stream of clients but small droughts here and there have you worried about signing a lease for more space. 973 more words


Add Functionality and Battery Life to Your Sony A7 with the MOZA Cage

MOZA sent me their recently released MOZA Cage for review, and while I’m slowly and inevitably getting into more filmmaking with my Sony a7R Mk2… 813 more words


How Shooting Photos Based on a Theme Can Improve Your Work

In this article we’re going to talk about how having a theme before you go out to shoot can improve your images.

I used to go out on the street, in order to find the perfect shot. 911 more words


How to Price Photography Products and Services for Profit

Think pricing your photography is overwhelming? You’re not alone. If there’s one question that every photographer struggles with time and time again, it’s how to price their products and services. 1,977 more words


3 Video Tutorials – Portrait Retouching Tips Using Lightroom

Many of our readers use Photoshop to edits portraits, but what if all you have is Lightroom? Or you don’t know Photoshop as well? You can certainly do most of your portrait retouching using Lightroom. 347 more words


Weekly Photography Challenge – Minimalism

Viewing some images that are good examples for minimalism is the first step. Then it’s your turn.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Minimalism

This one should be fairly simple (pun intended). 249 more words