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How to Use Neutral Density Filters to Make Better Landscape Photos

In an earlier article, I wrote that neutral density filters are the secret weapon of the landscape photographer. I couldn’t work without mine and I suspect most landscape photographers would say the same. 1,402 more words


7 Ways to Help Ensure Your Photography Business Stands Out

Let’s be honest, not many people view their photography as a business these days. But even if you are not a professional photographer, there’s no reason not to view your photography as a business because for many that’s the ultimate aim. 1,239 more words


How to Take Unique Double Exposures Without Using Photoshop

For over a hundred years, double exposures have captivated photographers and art enthusiasts alike. Discovered by pure chance, a double exposure is a trick where a single frame of film is exposed twice or more in order to achieve multiple images in a single shot. 1,503 more words


How to Understand the Lightroom Tone Curve

With all the editing options available in the Lightroom Develop module it can be tough to know where to start when you pull up a picture and start making changes. 1,732 more words


23 Moody Black and White Architectural Images

Architecture provides a few things that photographers love; texture, shape, contours, dramatic lighting.

Let’s see how these 23 photographers found and photographed different buildings and kinds of architecture in black and white. 122 more words


7 Tips for Overcoming Nerves When Doing Street Photography

Good street photography can sometimes look deceptively easy to do yourself. All you have to do is be in the right place at the right time, get a little lucky, and bam – you have an incredible, one-of-a-kind photograph. 1,406 more words