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Tips for Creating Outdoor Portraits

On now at Snapsdeals is Wayne’s ebook: Portrait Tips and Techniques: Timeless Portraits. Sale ends December 8th (2015) get it now and save 20%. These tips are a follow-up to my previous article about 6 Tips for Taking Better Natural Light Classic Portraits, and the process of creating simple posing and composition for outdoor portraits. 7 more words

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Weekly Photography Challenge – Circles

Do you see circles everywhere?

The world itself is a circle, they naturally occur in nature, and man-made objects are full of them.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Circles… 210 more words


4 Ways to Make Your Photos Stand Out with the Clarity Slider

You want your photos to be as sharp as possible. Of course, there is no substitute for good technique in the capture phase, but you would like to add something in the post-processing to make the pictures clearer and sharper.  31 more words

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27 Images Around the World of Circles

Shapes can be seen everywhere, in everything. Look closer to find the circles in these images:

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5 Tips for Geting Sharper Images When Doing Long Exposures

Long exposure photography makes it possible to show the passage of time in a still photograph. It does this by blurring moving elements and sharpening the static parts. 35 more words

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5 Tips for Photographing Your Own Children Stress-Free

As a mother to three little ones, I can say without any doubt nor a moment’s hesitation, that my kids are my most difficult subject – ever. 1,292 more words