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Oakland Zoo, Monkeying Around

The other day when i was at the zoo with my camera club, I saw a couple of monkeys, one in his cage with his striking fur and the other hanging from a branch.   20 more words


Surreal At the Lavanderia

Beauty In the Laundromat

As Madonna once said: “Beauty’s where you find it.” I can find it pretty much anywhere–even though sometimes I have to look really hard, or for a really long time. . . . .

Just Imagine...

…it’s 1962, and the kids are watching their favourite puppet show…

Earplugs in Space! Starring…

Magnuss and his jet pack as he whooshes across the surface of the moon whilst desperate for a piss! 23 more words

Digital Photography

An Earplugs Observational Quiz (round 4)

This round could be entitled ‘Where Have I Seen That Before?’ for the  simple reason that sometimes I fall a little short in the props/location department, and I’m forced to re-use earlier ones. 380 more words

Digital Photography

Moving on, Again

The soft-focus project is officially over, in fact it was kind of dumb to begin with, especially now in the digital age.

Going through old negatives in search of something else I found I had tried to make the same sort of soft-focus pictures on two previous occasions, both attempts also met with the resounding lack of success that I experienced last week. 118 more words

Street Photography In Berlin