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Two popular types of guitars for producing the sweet music

Select the perfect guitar is a big decision. Whether you’re buying your first guitar or adding another instrument to your collection. The guitar is a great instrument and produces the sweet sound music.  147 more words

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Nuevo Roland F-140R, ya disponible entrega inmediata

Si buscas un piano con bluetooth, ya está disponible el nuevo Roland F-140r. Nuevo piano de 88 teclas contrapesadas acción martillo y con tecnología bluetooth que nos permite enviar MIDI bidireccionalmente desde un ordenador, tablet o smartphone sin necesidad de ningún cable ni dispositivo externo. Precio aprox. – 960€ IVA incl. [+ info]


How To Connect A Music Keyboard To Your Computer: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Connect a Music Keyboard to Your Computer

If you want your music, played in real piano or musical keyboard, recorded directly in digital, this is now possible by connecting your musical instrument to the computer. 402 more words


Casio Grand Hybrid Launch Event

Casio just launched a revolutionary new series of instruments, Celviano Grand Hybrid. These new instruments have incredible performance qualities including a keyboard action that virtually indistinguishable from a grand piano along with Casio’s new AiR Grand technology which faithfully recreates the sound of three legendary grand piano sounds. 33 more words


6 Proven Reason Why Beginners Become Master Pianists 10x Times Faster on Digital Piano

Many people who learn on Digital Piano learn much faster In order to learn the digital piano. Now-a-days, teachers, tutors, pianists and musicians recommend learning piano on digital piano due to the advances in technology makes digital piano much superior than upright piano and much closer to a grand piano. 597 more words

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