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Always Learning

I’ve chosen to highlight my thoughts on BYOD – Bring your own device. ┬áThis was a new concept to me and I was eager to read about the pros and cons. 558 more words

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During teacher’s college, I remember a guest speaker facilitating a lesson about bats. ┬áThe main part of his lesson ended up being that, as a teacher, you can teach about something YOU are interesting in teaching. 76 more words

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Cyber Bullying

This post about the impact of Cyber bullying highlights my true nature. I am passionate about ending violence and aggression. I am determined to reach down to the core of a child and help build them up. 742 more words

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Creating my Digital Portfolio

I’m excited to start this new Journey!
My name is Jennifer Gillingham. I am a new teacher, passionate about teaching the whole child. I want to encourage self-love, respect for others, and a keen enthusiasm to take care of the world around us. 27 more words

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Have you heard the news?

Class Newsletter

This Newsletter is important to me because it shows a different thought pattern for me. If I had not taken an Information Technology course, I never would have imagined creating a newsletter that is not read on a paper! 59 more words

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My Website

My Website shows me and hopefully it will soon show my future students!
I used backgrounds on my website that made me feel at ease. I chose backgrounds that highlight the beauty of our natural environment because I feel like it can be compared to one’s learning journey in the classroom. 78 more words

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Beginning Stages of My Digital Portfolio

This has been a week of learning. First, I decided to edit all of my content to fit the purposes of this digital portfolio. I wanted to be sure that my work is specific to me as a professional, not necessarily to my role as a student at the University of New Haven. 372 more words