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Embracing Cultural Identity

In today’s society, it is all about promoting equality and that we are all the same – but are we losing sight of the fact that difference does matter? 490 more words

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Interview with Psychologist, Suzy Reading, on 'How to become a success'.

How many of us wish that we could sail through success?

Best selling author Suzy Reading has some wise words for anyone seeking inspiration in her book The Self Care Revolution. 520 more words

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Personal Response Journal #2

People often portray themselves are different on the outside than on the inside because we don’t want people to know how we really feel, we don’t want to come off as different, and as a result we often lose track of who we really are. 142 more words

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Personal Response Journal #1

People often judge those who are not considered ‘normal’, before they truly get to know them because, normal is known as being the exact same as everyone else. 203 more words

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4 murders, 11 attempted, who really is the ‘Angel of Death’?

The Angel of Death, formally known as Beverley Allitt, is one of Britain’s most notorious female serial killers.

Beverley is currently being held in Rampton Hospital due to her mental illnesses preventing her from being in prison – these mental issues have been ongoing since early childhood. 793 more words

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