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Leadership Roles and Tools

As principals have increasingly become instructional leaders as the main part of their role, engaging staff in Collaborative Inquiry to inform professional development is critical.  Using multiple data sources to determine gaps in student learning and well-being, and working collaboratively to develop a workable if/then statement is key to beginning a successful CI.   554 more words

Writing Literacy


WHAT I learned was that the biggest benefit from the Masters of Arts in Communication program has been the extensive experience in writing using the APA style. 410 more words

Digital Portfolio

Master's Coursework

A listing of courses taken during my program of study in the Masters of Arts program.

COM 601 Communication Fluency

COM 610 The Social Creation of Organizing… 55 more words

Digital Portfolio

Quick & Dirty Tips for Camera Phone Food Photography

By Jody Shee

Foster Deadman, Food Fanatic chef for distributor US Foods, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, shows the difference between decent smartphone food photos and great ones by turning your phone upside down. 196 more words


My Views on Different Types of Digital Portfolios

Recently a colleague of mine posted a request for opinions about digital portfolios in the classroom. I believe that they are very useful tool for learning in the classroom.  401 more words


5 Lessons I learned in High School That Had Nothing to do With Class

As my school career comes to an end, I can only think how different myself and everyone around me are. The following are the 5 most important lessons I have learned throughout my years in school. 872 more words

Tough Subjects

Building a Demo Reel for Animation

If you’re pursuing a career in animation, the demo reel is the single most important element of your job application. Without examples to show what you’re capable of creating, you’ll have very little success getting your foot in the door for an interview. 656 more words

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