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What are Electronic Public Relations, ePR, Digital PR?

ePR, sometimes called Online PR or Digital PR, is quite recent compared to traditional PR with its decades of history. It is mostly the strategically planned use of internet-based and new media tools and technologies to build and to maintain a dialogue (Two-way communication) between an organization and its publics. 49 more words

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Quality content not viral

When brands set out to create something viral they almost always fail; it’s virtually impossible to guarantee something will take over the web. A combination of timing, relevant messaging and the right audience are the attributes of an internet sensation. 257 more words


Annual reports don't have to be boring

This year, instead of creating a glossy, expensively printed annual report filled with dull content, the Calgary Zoo released the world’s first annual report entirely on Instagram… 366 more words

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B2B Social Media PR/Marketing: It's still about people connecting with people

Remember! If you are marketing your business to other businesses online (in social media channels especially):  A personal touch goes a long way when trying to make a connection with someone. 127 more words

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Don’t you just love it when a ‘media relations’ plan comes together?

After reassuring a client (brand communications agency) that my media relations approach would work very well for their client, not only to create a big bang affect, but to also maintain media longevity, the whole campaign did, as promised, come together like a well-rehearsed orchestra! 124 more words