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Which is the best marketing strategy to increase the traffic to our website?

It is really important for a website to have consistent visitors, customers, etc. In order to increase their website traffic, but very few of them succeeds. 415 more words


Suis-je le seul à avoir vu la stratégie de Facebook?

Facebook a annoncé vouloir prendre soin de la santé et du bien-être de ses utilisateurs dans un contexte qui dénote une compétition impitoyable dans le monde publicitaire sur les réseaux sociaux et sur internet. 502 more words

Public Relations

5 Vital Things I Learnt From An Internship In A Digital Agency

Since discovering marketing, everything I know I’ve learnt from textbooks and blogs.

Reading could only take me so far and as everyone knows, is no substitute for practical experience. 492 more words

Social Media Marketing

Public Relations: 2018

The cusp of a new year is a traditional time for reflecting on the past year and anticipating what lies ahead. We found this short article, which we think provides PR pros an excellent guide to public relations in 2018. 91 more words

How PR is Changing our Perspective on Mental Health

Opening up about our mental health has always been considered a difficult topic. Up until recently, people were unaware of the meaning behind the term ‘Mental Health’ and what it involved. 713 more words

Are you afraid of the dark... or afraid of Moz?

Like many people, I do await the Christmas TV ‘adverts’ around this time of year.

It’s that time of the year where high street stores compete in the sphere of PR, Advertising, and Marketing, (and in most cases all three), for the most original Christmas idea – trying to encourage consumers to ultimately go to their stores and spend a lot of well, money. 719 more words

Today I Messed Up

In my first blog I stated I would cover the ‘state of the profession’ but we’re all meant to learn from each other, right? One of the best ways to learn is by making mistakes, right? 1,153 more words