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Conference PReview: Agency Tours

We’re just over month to go here PRos. If you are doing a little procrastinating or need an extra push to register, we’ve got ‘cha covered. 757 more words

Conference Planning

Social Media Crisis Management

Having recently completed the dissertation aspect of my MSc qualification, it seemed timely to revisit the crux of the subject area which I explored, for the purposes of an initial blog. 634 more words

Destination Social Media

When does social media become more than just another trend for likes, shares and followers? Social media is revolutionising the travel and hospitality industry across the world with sites such as Instagram, Facebook and TripAdvisor, providing a platform for consumers to research their trip or to share their experiences through selfies, check-ins and reviews. 407 more words

Bunnypudding does Digital PR

Super quick update as I have a few long winded posts I will make live in the next week but I just wanted to share a few bits and bobs with you. 204 more words

Bunnypudding Work

Beauty and the Influencer Beast

YouTubers and Instagram Stars Have Quickly Become the Only Voice That Matters for Consumers in the Beauty Industry.

On YouTube, I am subscribed to 40 (yes, 40!) beauty “gurus”.   464 more words

All things digital

In today’s society, many organisations have established themselves through ‘digital’ offerings, creating online specific content, allowing users to access news in alternative ways and diverging the uses of social platforms. 657 more words

Digital Marketing SMB Owner Workshop with Goodwill

Digital Marketing Workshop Introduces SMB Owners to Search Engine Optimization. 282 more words

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