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Before establishing connections between group roles and responsibilities, it is essential to uncover the real purpose of the digital producer, what this role entails and how it affects the outcome of the overall campaign. 357 more words

Enstrom Candies - Giving is All We Get

Here’s an easy task: coordinate post-production for nearly 8 dozen videos that were categorized in two ways: manicured brand videos and quick social content pieces. By having strong branded elements combined with shareable media, sales were great and it made Enstrom Candies a brand people talked about.

Colorado Springs Utilities - Change the Current Campaign

A full campaign talking not about the specific rebates or energy programs offered, but how the company plays a part with various businesses throughout the community to change the current of energy use. 22 more words

Vladimir Jones - 2016 Sizzle Reel

We had a great year. Not only did the agency do some great creative work, but we also had the results and data to back it up. 11 more words

Vladimir Jones - Agency Go

In an attempt to out-do last year’s Mule Log, we spoofed one of 2016’s biggest crazes and decided to have a little fun for our holiday card. 16 more words

Colorado Springs Utilities - Holiday Lights

We were creating a massive sign to go up in the local community over the holidays. It was such a process we wanted to make sure we captured the making of it and show some badass women welding and torching metal.

NAKAMA Suits for the Week Ahead


Lee is an integrated marketer and account service specialist with a passion for people, brands and digital media. As a natural communicator and relationship builder, Lee has accumulated broad experience and a versatile skill set working both agency and client-side in the advertising, public relations, B2B sales, marketing and digital agency sectors. 1,691 more words