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Issue 26: DAB needs more spectrum!

Hanns Wolter, Technical Director, Club DAB Italia and WorldDMB Regulation and Spectrum Committee, Chair

Spectrum for digital radio in Europe was allocated a long time ago, starting with the Wiesbaden Plan in 1995, and it has been always been considered as a certainty.   716 more words

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Issue 26: Asia Pacific Update

Joan Warner, Chair, WorldDMB Asia Pacific Committee & CEO of Commercial Radio Australia

The focus in the Asia Pacific at recent conferences in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok and Myanmar has been all about new ways of connecting and sharing with radio audiences. 413 more words

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Issue 26: Letter from the President

Patrick Hannon, President, WorldDMB

The end of July is a good time to review the progress DAB digital radio has made this year – and to set out our priorities for the rest of 2015. 632 more words

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Issue 26: Evolution of the SlideShow

Gunnar Garfors, President of IDAG, Advisor on radio distribution, NRK & Håvard Wien, Production Manager DAB, NRK

Slideshow services cover the graphics you have seen on the display of DAB radios in the last ten years showing logos, music artwork, maps or images of radio show presenters and guests. 626 more words

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Issue 26: Communicating the benefits of digital radio in the car – ‘Comes with DAB+ as standard!’

Rosie Smith, Project Manager, WorldDMB

Radio in the car remains popular across Europe.  Drivers see radio as engaging, entertaining and informative.  Even with the increase in competitors for share of ear entering the car (Apple car play, Google Android Auto, Spotify etc),  ‘live’ radio delivering traffic alerts, local news, weather etc remains the go to for most drivers. 1,062 more words

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Issue 26: Turkey looks to digital

Bernie O’Neill, Project Director, WorldDMB

In 2014, Turkey’s public broadcaster, TRT (Türkiye Radyo ve Televizyon Kurumu), celebrated 50 years of broadcasting, and WorldDMB was there to help them celebrate, presenting DAB receivers, market information and case studies.  282 more words

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Issue 26: DAB strengthens economic programming benefits for terrestrial radio

Jhonny Maroun, Director Sales – Middle East and South Asia, GatesAir

Digital radio’s impact is only just beginning to take shape. In the Americas, HD Radio has been the preeminent choice, chiefly for its ability to deliver several distinct program channels on the same FM frequency. 536 more words

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