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Amazng! Reconstruction and Simulation of Neocortical Microcircuitry (digitally building a slice of a rat neocortex)

Digitally reconstructing a slice (just a slice) of the rat neocortex allowed these scientists to study many slices of neocortex (using supercomputers) under different conditions such as sleep and when the brain is under stress! 1,479 more words



A new reconstruction of the Neandertal skull and endocast of Amud has been published by a team coordinated by Naomichi Ogihara, at the Keio University (Yokohama). 99 more words


Digital Reconstruction

via Digital Reconstruction.

I am here to help people who would like to take a photo of their pet, animal, person, and turn it into a miraculous digitally reconstructed picture by removing and/or adding decorative background, sprucing it up with style and decor, and also getting it printed to hang on your wall. 55 more words

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Mood Boards: Eating

It has been a long time since I have updated. I completed my PhD at the beginning of December (2014), viva’d in February and finally had my corrections confirmed at the beginning of the month. 258 more words

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Virtual Reality To Help Detectives, Or Just Give Jurors An Excuse To Play Games In Court?

Virtual reality isn’t new. Nor is crime. These are both two very basic concepts in the 21 century. But sandwich the two together, and you’ve got the new Grand Theft Auto 11 on your hands. 268 more words


Worth Watching - A Digital Reconstruction of the Northwest Palace at Nimrud in Iraq

This is a beautiful digital reconstruction of the Northwest Palace of Nimrud, an Assyrian complex from the 9th century BC, near modern day Mosul in Iraq. 198 more words


Creative Industries & Cultural Heritage - Innovative ways of capturing the past

Dear friends,

On Friday, November 28 my colleague Dries Nollet and me will discuss about new developments for experiencing the past at the Seminar on Creative Industries & Cultural Heritage РInnovative ways of capturing the past organized in Bruxelles by Skåne European Office. 17 more words

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