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Digital Revolution in the 2010 Decade

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In late 2014, when some counties in Georgia claiming to be “early adapters of technology” started the “BYOD – Bring your own device” program in their schools, it gave me a pit in my stomach. 3,117 more words

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Invito alla Conferenza World Food Security e-Center: per la sicurezza e lo sviluppo alimentare nell'era digitale

Invito alla Conferenza: 23 Gennaio 2018 – Via F.lli Gabba, 1 (MI)

L’aiuto della tecnologia digitale nel settore agricolo è evidente in Africa più che in nessun altro posto, dove è necessario favorire una crescita della produttività agricola ad un tasso maggiore rispetto alla media globale. 528 more words

Digital Revolution

Five Reasons to Take a Break From The Internet — Maria Alexandra

While you’ll see me roll my eyes and sigh like a conservative old man at certain aspects of millennial culture, the internet is not one of them.

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10 tech issues that will impact social justice in 2017 by the Ford Foundation

written by Wilneida Negrón 

“In our increasingly complex and interconnected world, innovations in technology and data are inching us closer to a reality driven by automation, prediction, personalization, surveillance, and the merging of our physical and digital lives. 12 more words

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Retirement age and the fallacy of progress

Weird as it seems, facing the tumultuous panorama out there and the aimless trajectory of our societies only focused in the optimization of finances and consumption of useless stuff, we can’t avoid to ask ourselves if the Nazi ideology surreptitiously is running behind the minds of a lot of leaders worldwide, and their obsession in mind control {Go1}. 632 more words

Civilizational Crisis

Has Communication Skills Improved with Social Media? Part VI

by Sherie Louise R. Nuarin

Negative Effects of Social media

Social media, however, has further cut face-to-face communication, particularly within the family. The younger generation is becoming lost in the virtual world, and this situation is further aggravated when the parents also get too involved in social media. 206 more words

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Use the Digital Revolution to your advantage

Use the Digital Revolution to your advantage

The Philippines was tag as texting capital of the world. Many of us own one or more cellphone plus, maybe, a tablet, a laptop and / or a desk top computer. 144 more words