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Reviewed; Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

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Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

Douglas Rushkoff

Like many people I tend to use the products of the digital revolution more easily than I think about the economics of it. 1,014 more words

Book Review

Sharing economy? Platform economy? Rather a new form of intermediary economy

On the 29th of June, the S&D European Parliament Group held a conference on the Platform Economy entitled «European Consumer – between e-commerce models and data pricing» 1,062 more words


Latest Telecommuting trends and Developments

As technology becomes more pervasive in the workplace changes are happening rapidly with how management and staff carries out daily tasks at the office. The use of remote tools, software, online platforms and others has allowed various institutions (companies, organizations, institutions, enterprises, corporations, etc.) develop gradually more flexible work schedules. 789 more words

Digital Revolution

Developing Country Turkey: Digital Media Revolution

Imagine going from being something rather on the small scale, slightly insignificant, and uneconomically interesting, to becoming something so massive and explosive, in which even other international foreign investors are now looking at you and your great potential, this phenomenon happened in the small republic of Turkey. 4,017 more words

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Could artificial intelligence and chatbots make politicians redundant?

The digital revolution is driving significant change across industries. From farming to financial services, businesses are being jolted into undertaking digital transformation initiatives from all sides. 1,095 more words

Digital Revolution

Will the result of the EU referendum actually matter?

On Thursday 23rd June 2016, I can promise you, nothing short of a Major Extinction Event will stop me from voting in the EU Referendum. We are duty bound to the generations that fought for our democratic freedom to ensure that as a free public, we make our voices heard by those that we employ to represent us, and to remind them that we hold them accountable for their actions. 1,115 more words

Digital Revolution

Recruitment in the digital age

The digital revolution ushered in & continues to power the information age we now live in. One of the most striking changes for me is how we now getting better at understanding what is important in how we interact with one another, whether that be professionally or socially. 50 more words

Digital Revolution