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India & Digital Revolution

Technology is an aspect that the world’s largest democracy has always adapted to. India, a country with a profound history and diverse culture, is all set to take the next gigantic leap when it comes to the digital revolution. 359 more words


How to Sell Books in the Digital/Paper Change

Near the end of Thursday’s stint as an Ottawa Byward Market author with no books sold, I crossed the street to ask the Crazy Moose souvenir shop to take some on consignment. 502 more words


How to Sell Books in the Digital/Paper Twilight

With more than half of my Thursday stint at the author corner in Ottawa’s Byward Market expired and no books sold, I felt blue. My husband and the author beside me left. 528 more words


Technology is the answer: Oligopoly, ordinance or an ode to advancement?

The word “money” pulls me towards two options: run as fast as possible in the opposite direction, or surrender honourably unto poverty in the hope that it will “inspire me to aim high, and achieve better” (cited: your bomb-dodging, powdered-egg consuming grandmother). 1,419 more words


Academic Book of the Future Project Report - #AcademicBooks and Their Futures (Two reports by #AHRC - the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the #BritishLibrary)

In January 2014, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, in partnership with the British Library, issued a call for collaborative proposals for a team to explore the Academic Book of the Future in the context of open access publishing and the digital revolution, with total project costs up to a value of £450k FEC, with AHRC providing 80% of the costs. 101 more words


Let's talk about TRUST—in finance and in business


Trust is a funny thing. It’s a very human condition, which most people would consider absolutely essential in financial services and in business. Yet, we don’t reflect much on what trust really is. 1,390 more words

Seven Things You Should Know to Be a Digital Winner

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a doctor, a bus driver, a lawyer, an economist, an industry worker, a salesman, a trader, a teacher, an engineer or a customer service agent—your job won’t exist in a decade or two. 699 more words