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Viva the Digital Revolution?

my favourite news publication of all time, the American Free Press,  ran an article recently by one of their journalistic stalwarts, Victor Thorn exploring the question of the future of hard copy news publications.  1,040 more words

Digital Heroin

We are a nation of technology addicts – and the habit starts early. Britain’s children are glued to their smartphones, tablets and televisions for a shocking five hours a day or more, according to an investigation published last week by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom. 113 more words


Energy revolution: exponential except for sluggish incumbents

Earlier this week I attended, and was @TheCrowd tweeter, at XEnergy, a half-day conference on the energy revolution organised by The Crowd. I was moderating the roundtable on the Energy Revolution. 1,826 more words


Elon Musk: Universal Basic Income is Essential

Universal basic income (UBI) is about basic security. It’s a form of guaranteed income for an individual, regardless of the situations and circumstances surrounding them – think of it as a form of insurance you would receive monthly. 590 more words


Are we digital by default?

I have been thinking about opening a blog, since I started my PhD. We PhD Students are often told that social media and digital communications are crucial to spread our research and enrich our network. 580 more words

Digital Divide

Intro - We must not accept the status quo

A dear friend of mine and trusted colleague recently said over supper; “we must not accept the status quo.” “The status quo is anything but our friend” he continued. 468 more words

Digital Revolution

The Uber tribunal decision – terrible for drivers and consumers

It was a measure of how far the sharing economy has already transformed our daily lives and Uber’s revolutionary impact on mass transit that yesterday’s employment tribunal ruling in London led the evening news and is splashed across the front pages today. 778 more words