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Used Cameras                

Spring is here again and with the colours of the first plants poking up from the ground comes the annual speculation of what camera manufacturers are going to do in 2017. 530 more words


Rajasthan’s cashless village: Women peep out of veils to scan codes for payment

Twenty-two-year-old Bhalaram Dudi uses Paytm, an online payment app, on his mobile phone to pay for his haircut. The barber, Prabhu Lal, also uses the app for buying his stuff from Matwal General Store. 304 more words

End of FM?

For decades the demise of radio has been a hot topic, with songs such as ‘Radio Gaga’ and ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ predicting a decline in listeners. 131 more words


Will Ink Go Extinct

All across global communities, the majority of children of all ages are  exposed to the capabilities the internet has provided man. Many schools have been using the internet as a learning tool for kids for quite some time now. 427 more words

Branding through your website

Your website is a key tool in the process of building an enduring brand. At Digiant media, we see this as an opportunity to ensure that your visitors get a persuasive and positive view about your brand. 290 more words



As another magazine ended its printed edition last month and added to the ever-growing list of magazines shifting from print to online, can we assume that all content will only be available in digital format? 548 more words

Storytelling and Society

Storytelling is the practice of sharing stories in order to educate, entertain and, most importantly, relate and connect to one another. Nick Morgan (2015), communication theorist and speaker on storytelling, explains that we humans are social beings. 487 more words