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Pew Results Reveal Differences on Social Media Conversations About Race

Once upon a time exchanging and connecting on social media networks was a practice to embrace. Fast-forward to the present, as more people have joined major social networks tendencies have become publicly visible when discussing delicate topics like racism. 500 more words

Digital Revolution

Coding Curriculum Initiatives: Where Does Coding with 'Beebots' Lead Our Kids?

Among the Canadian provinces Nova Scotia was an “early adopter” of incorporating coding into its Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum. Basic coding was introduced in September 2015 to all students from kindergarten to Grade 3 and Education Minister… 1,069 more words

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The digital revolution

The world is facing yet another great revolution, although I’d much rather call it an evolution. Everything you can think of is going digital at alarming speeds, smart phones have almost become today’s survival kit and what can one not do with the internet these days? 254 more words


Searching for the Root of Good and Evil

Since the celebration of the web’s twenty-fifth birthday, I’ve been pondering the question of how human behavior has changed as a result of the overwhelming volume of information and entertainment literally at our finger tips. 813 more words

Challenges and changes in the digital age

Our societies are obviously undergoing profound changes as a result of digitalisation. Remarkably, apart from possibly the remotest parts of the globe, no one seems to have been untouched by this particular revolution.   71 more words


Dubious Data, Questionable Facts and Enlightened self-interests: BREXIT runs amuck with the Truth.

Preface: Enlightened self-interest  n. the principle or practice of furthering one’s own interests while simultaneously benefiting others

Body: The recriminations of the recent Brexit Vote continue to reverberate throughout the world with many in both camps lamenting; “How did this happen?”. 719 more words


Pokemon Go and Education: Will Schools Be Receptive or Resistant?

A Pokemon Go craze has swept across North America during the summer of 2016.  Go to any historic monument, urban park or major public building and you will spot some strange scenes. 956 more words

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