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Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Video

I’ve head of “photobomb” but as a video this Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is a step up. See that the image extends is across several monitors which is what divides up the presentation, not my camera angle. 445 more words

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Would all signs become Android powered signage player?

I guess that trying to guess what will happen in the future is quite stupid. Most of the time you’ll be wrong, at the very few times that you’ll be right, no one will be impressed, they will simply relate this to pure luck… 286 more words

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Jo-Ann® TEXT Welcome Discount

Part of the store welcome is an offer to send an initial and ongoing discounts if you are kind enough to TEXT Jo-Ann’s®. The “Welcome” is reinforced by being integrated into the the texting. 171 more words

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Jo-Ann® Social Media Creativity

Many retailers promote connection and outreach through social media. Here Jo-Ann’s® promised “creative connections” for those into clothing design, needlework and crafts. Juding by other digital outreach in the store this seems a valid promise of more than merely mutual likes and digital broadcast of special. 133 more words

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Jo-Ann® Analog Pinterest Display

If your Pinterest Board aids in hobbies and the creation of physical items, maybe a analog Pinterest display inshore would carry the engagement to the real world. 216 more words

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Jo-Ann® Pinterest QR Outreach

Hard to miss this shelf-edgeC-Channel positioning of a “joann.com/pinterest” flag in red. That means you can find out more about this Jo-Ann’s® project, techniques and materials on Pinterest… 589 more words

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Cybersecurity In Audiovisual Systems

You Should Consider Cybersecurity During All Phases Of An Audiovisual Installation

By Paul Konikowski, CTS-D

Earlier this month, the San Francisco Bay Area was graced with the presence of President Barack Obama, who was here to participate in a Cybersecurity Summit at Stanford University.   764 more words

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