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Digital Storytelling - the 21st century way to tell a story

Everyone can tell a story: about the things they like and how they came to like them, about the ideas they support and what they do to support them, etc. 215 more words

Remembering Damascus

A story of a Syrian refugee in DFW

Since the outbreak of Syria’s Civil War in 2011, over 4 million Syrians have fled the country. 232 more words


Exploring the Boundaries of Narrative: Scholarship Review

In my ongoing series of scholarship having to deal with video games as a respectable medium for storytelling, I found an article from the National Council of Teachers of English titled… 751 more words

The Most Beautiful Thing: Short Story Critique

One of the ways that I choose my short stories to critique is by looking at the related videos to the last stories I watched. This one was three or four clicks away from the Identity video that I looked at a few weeks ago. 724 more words

DS106 Assignment Bank: Can't Get It Out Of My Head

This week’s assignment bank task was to choose an audio assignment. I selected Can’t Get It Out Of My Head.

The instructions are: “Use some auido recording software, I used audacity, to record yourself whistling a song that has gotten stuck in your head before. 113 more words

The Last Bastion: Digital Story Critique

Blizzard, the multimillion dollar company behind the popular video game World of Warcraft released a new video game this year, titled Overwatch. In this exclusively multiplayer game, teams of six complete objectives while trying to take down the opposing team. 586 more words

The Flipped Classroom: Putting Students in the Driver's Seat

What is it? When presented with the flipped classroom model, educators are somewhat apprehensive about making this pedagogical shift. In order to determine its place in the classroom and its… 11 more words

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