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What I meant to say was...

Back at the University for the second day of PGRAS, the post-graduate archaeology symposium which I spoke at yesterday. My talk didn’t go brilliantly well. Despite my preparation last weekend, producing a script as well as my slide deck, I went off-script about a third of the way through, and didn’t get back on it, so I feel a lot of what I had meant to say went unsaid. 1,269 more words

Digital Storytelling

Need an awesome digital storytelling tool? Adobe Spark is the answer

I’ve been a fan of Adobe digital tools ever since I started playing with Voice several years ago. And have continued to fall in love as they added Slate and Post. 454 more words


From Facts to ARTifacts: Balancing Content and Context in Technology-Assisted Assessment

“I’d like to use my lifeline…”

I’ve really not watched Who Wants to Be A Millionaire more than a few times, but my pop culture literacy is pretty high, and I am quite familiar with… 2,137 more words

"Breaking" Chawton's story

I’ve been disassembling Chawton House Library’s guidebook and handout down into Natoms, as the very first stage of my project there. Natoms are not my idea, but a concept from Southampton colleague… 527 more words

Digital Storytelling

Shedding Skin: The Story of a Girl on Fire

For this project, I wanted to tell my story about my experiences with eczema and how that’s affected my life, but I didn’t want to do it in the traditional or formulaic way that the Digital Storytelling Cookbook or StoryCorps did theirs. 304 more words

CLST 455: Visual Research Methods

Storytelling: Not Just for Youth Librarians

This semester I decided to do something that terrifies me: I enrolled in a storytelling course. As an anxious public speaker, I challenged myself by taking a class in which I’d have to present without notes, slides, or group members to assist me. 684 more words

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