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Once Upon A Time...

As you can kind of tell from my blog style, I’m a unconventional person. I’m a fan of tradition, but I always love to find new ways to spice things up. 248 more words


What is a hero? Well I can tell you what a hero is not. A hero does not let your parents get killed in front of you. 1,142 more words

Digital Storytelling

Learning to Listen aka "How can the Bar be this Low and You're Still Tripping Over It?"

Hearing, I believe, is one of the senses most taken for granted. Listening, subsequently, a skill most under-developed. Relegated to a secondary concern. An afterthought.  896 more words

Networked Narratives

The Guild Mise-en-Scene

Decor – Both places have their own decor from her bedroom to the restaurant the mother is seen in. But without the decor in the background you wouldn’t be able to tell where the person is as it becomes an important part of the scene that is being shot. 335 more words

Digital Storytelling Unit Plan

As the EDUC 566 requirement of my master’s program in General Studies of Education, I enrolled in Dr. Lillian-Yvonne Bertram’s ENG 3021: Digital Storytelling class for the Spring 2016 semester. 347 more words

What the heck is that?

It really is what the blog name suggests. Someone named Theo has a blog sharing thoughts and moments, either too good to pass or too bad not to discuss. 128 more words


The Guild and Mise-en-Scene

  1.  Create a PAGE (not a blog post) on our WordPress site where you identify and analyze the significance of the 5 types of mise-en-scene in The Guild as captured in TWO different screenshots.
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Digital Storytelling