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Post 6B: Script

We know that atoms are everywhere and they make up everything. Atoms are made out of elements (which there are 118 different kinds!). The following story will give you an insight as to how elements can combine to make new atoms. 177 more words

Digital Storytelling

Post 6A: Storyboard

We know that atoms are everywhere and they make up everything. (Scroll through still images of things that are made of atoms- wide variety- milk, people, cows, buses)  Music will be upbeat and happy with noises from the items. 473 more words

Digital Storytelling

Art Challenge Three: Digital Storytelling Part Two

Like most projects (and certainly most of mine), plans are very rarely followed exactly. In my case, I ended up using a completely different format to my original plan. 272 more words

Art Challenge

Developing Critical Thinking & Creativity Through Digital Storytelling

Research indicates that digital storytelling improves critical thinking, creativity and engagement. This powerful instruction and assessment strategy can be used across the curriculum and at all grade levels. 198 more words


Art Challenge Three: Digital Storytelling Part One

In this challenge, I have to create a digital photo story, where I use a series of still images to tell a story with an accompanying voice over. 895 more words

Art Challenge

Animation Story - Example

The next project I am having my students complete is to tell a story using animation. There are so many varieties of animation or styles that I am going to try to give more than one example. 273 more words

Big little stories

For our March session, we focussed on ways to call small memories to life and turn them into short, authentic pieces of writing. It was a wonderful experience to hear people’s work, and see how even small incidents led to large insights when remembered with attention and clarity. 658 more words

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