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Yuck, yuck, yuck!

Can I just say that I really missed blogging and I’m enjoying the moments spent writing these days? Thank you to everyone who’s liked an article, left a comment, and/or shared. 450 more words

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Digital Storytelling: Visionary Entrepreneurs

What do entrepreneurs do to be successful? What sets the great ones apart? Have you ever thought about what personality characteristics many great entrepreneurs of the world have in common? 318 more words

10 Digital Technologies That Are Transforming the Training of Employees

Technology has changed the world of education, and talk about e-Learning is nothing new. But if you think that the PowerPoint slides and video to PC are all that e-Learning has to offer, you are mistaken. 664 more words

One Story Down

I managed to get through my first module and my first digital story, relatively unscathed.  One down, two to go!  Creating my story was way more fun than I anticipated.   218 more words

CultureGeek 2017 and Digital Customer Experiences

Better late than never, its a month since I went to two events in one week, and I’ve been so busy since then that I haven’t had time to write them up. 1,360 more words

Digital Storytelling

The Power of Digital Storytelling

by Shanell McCoy, Youthprise Youth Fellow, Communications Coordinator

Storytelling can be defined in many different ways. For some, storytelling evokes childhood memories, sitting in circles as teachers read fairy tales and stories starring talking animals. 668 more words