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The Metaverse: 3D Worlds Future Possibilities: SecondLife Marketplace: What I would give

I would like to bring to the virtual world whatever my imagination will give me. I think I would make my own clothes and sell them. 199 more words

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I Was Standing By The Fridge by Fran Edwards

I was standing by the fridge when she said “I’m pregnant”

I celebrated with wine, fizzy like the bubbles of joy in my mind

I couldn’t believe that at last… 151 more words

Celebrating Change

Advantages of virtual reality movies over the traditional ones

Filmmaking is a challenging process and a lot about it depends on the kind of technology present during a certain time period. The storytelling process often finds its constrictions because of some limitation or another. 344 more words

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Virtual Goods & Services in Second Life

The videos this week really made me think about what to build for virtual goods. It made me think of what are some necessities for virtual worlds. 232 more words

Digital Storytelling

Texture anyone? Virtual Goods and Services

I think it would be fun to create textures and 3D objects as virtual goods. Textures seem to always be in high demand, as people usually want variety and quality for their projects. 174 more words

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Thinking and Tinkering: The Hero's Journey Previz & Prototyping

My step is based off the Library at Peninsula College, so I was making a building in SecondLife that looks similar and has the same textures. 573 more words

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