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Digital surveillance detrimental to learning, expert says

Digital monitoring of students’ and teachers’ online activities is having a negative effect on learning in Canadian classrooms.

That was one of the messages conveyed during a one-day workshop entitled Privacy Implications in the Networked Classroom, which took place at Barnett House on Thursday, Jan. 93 more words


UK Passes ‘Most Sweeping Surveillance Law’ to date & Looks to Spend $1 Billion on Reaper Drones

The UK government is hard at work spending the taxpayer’s money on militarized drones while expanding online and digital surveillance to new unprecedented levels.

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Neither Hope for an Obama, Nor Fear a Trump, Snowden Said Today

On a livestream sponsored by the private search engine Startpage, on RT’s YouTube channel, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden today directly addressed the United States’ election by saying that it is more important to focus on longstanding issues than it is to worry about leaders. 607 more words

Edward Snowden

Google's Android Phones Threaten Democracy, ACLU Technologist Warns

Should the United States put a price on privacy?

The editors at Businessweek like that approach. In a Halloween post on Bloomberg View, the editors argued privacy would be better served if internet service providers gave consumers the option to pay for it rather than for the FCC to require—as… 720 more words


Report: Surveillance and Democracy

Since the Snowden revelations, it has become apparent that governments are conducting mass surveillance and data retention in collaboration with other countries and private communications companies. 131 more words


The Intercept Releases GPG Sync, an Encryption Tool for Organizations

When we need to secure our physical goods, there’s not much more we can do besides lock the door. Once folks get inside, they can get their hands on whatever they want. 569 more words