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Civilian Oversight Boards Should Ask Police These Questions

Recent movements against police violence in cities like Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore have raised serious questions about who holds the police accountable in violent encounters with civilians. 555 more words

Websites Can Probably Guess Your Identity With Three Basic Data Points

With just your date of birth, your zip code and your gender, it is almost guaranteed that someone could identify exactly who you are. Our web browsers are readily giving up at least three pieces of information about us, which makes it easy to identify users across websites without actually putting anything on our computers.  1,203 more words

WMD in his underpants,... where else

Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) is tough, if not impossible, to find if you are American politician. However, if you are airport security agent and really know where to look you may get lucky, sort of: 41 more words


British surveillance state "worse than Orwell’s 1984"


UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy Joseph Cannataci has described Britain’s oversight of surveillance as a “bad joke” and said the situation is worse than anything author George Orwell imagined in his dystopian novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four.” 347 more words

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Man taken into custody for Camp Shelby incident identified; charged with disturbing the peace

UPDATE: The Perry county sheriff says Alfred Baria, 61, has been taken into custody after a second report of shots fired near Camp Shelby in the last two days. 462 more words


Public Health 24/7 or Using Twitter to Advance Public Health

Smartphones changed the way we connect with the world: most U.S. smartphone owners check their phone at least hourly.

Essentially we are staying in constant touch with each other through our handheld devices. 648 more words

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Malware: A new normal

Maybe you have experienced – or perhaps you can imagine – the stress and hectic schedule that is characteristic of leaving a company where one has become a valuable member of a small and very busy team.   1,938 more words