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Report: Surveillance and Democracy

Since the Snowden revelations, it has become apparent that governments are conducting mass surveillance and data retention in collaboration with other countries and private communications companies. 131 more words


The Intercept Releases GPG Sync, an Encryption Tool for Organizations

When we need to secure our physical goods, there’s not much more we can do besides lock the door. Once folks get inside, they can get their hands on whatever they want. 569 more words


Surveillance at the Royal Melbourne Show // Collab Assignment ALC205 Group 38

Group 38 members: Caitlyn Putt, Ellis Kolias & Robert Dean Williams

When we first began brainstorming ideas for this project, we knew we wanted to create something that had a comic flair, similar to parody news media programs. 1,056 more words


Jones County Drug Round Up

JONES COUNTY, Miss.(WHLT)- Jones County Sheriff’s Narcotics Investigators and Deputies arrested seventeen men and women after executing several felony drug arrest warrants throughout the county. The Sandersville and Eastview areas are where the largest concentration of the warrants were. 200 more words


Now streaming and surveilling

Piracy and copyright infringement should not be unfamiliar terms to the digital natives of today. Many of us will have known someone close to us- perhaps a family member or a friend- who has engaged in some form of piracy. 744 more words


Watching me, watching you

Social media surveillance appears to be a popular topic for discussion amongst the blogosphere and even more so in relation to this unit. When we first talk about surveillance via social networking sites (SNS), we think about the way we are being watched by corporations, by the sites themselves and even sometimes by the government. 761 more words


Is this thing on? An introductory look at webcam surveillance

Testing one, two, three- is this thing on?

I can recall quite vividly when I bought my first webcam back in the late-00s. My family had not long bought a shiny new laptop (before this we only had a bulky PC, assembled from different models) and we were all very excited to bask in its glory. 642 more words