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Meet The Brave Souls Who Read LinkNYC's Two Different Privacy Policies

LinkNYC has been replacing all of New York’s public payphones with advertising emblazoned wifi kiosks. Residents and visitors curious about what those kiosks will do with data their routers, cameras and Bluetooth beacons collect about them might look on its website for some kind of privacy policy. 1,097 more words


Surveillance, journalism and the dark art of phone-hacking

Surveillance. It’s something that makes most of us feel uncomfortable. We shift in our seats, begin looking around the room for otherwise unnoticed cameras, perhaps even gulp a little when we become aware of just how closely we are being watched. 588 more words


How to Protest Online Trackers Without Leaving Your Chair

Imagine that someone called you every five minutes and said, “Tell me what you are doing right now.” And then imagine that for some reason you were compelled to answer the question. 541 more words


Big Brother is watching you...

No, I’m not about to discuss the reality television series that hit fame here in the mid 00’s. Rather, I’m talking about the fictitious figure from George Orwell’s dystopian novel, … 363 more words


Microsoft Speaks Up About Gag Orders

Microsoft is fighting for your home.

It’s a metaphorical fight, but that metaphor is a legal metaphor. Legal metaphors have a way of becoming real, at least in the lives of people that G-Men get interested in. 952 more words


A Marketer's Dream: Using Mobiles to Connect Commercials to Shopping

Which commercials work?

Imagine a customer walks into a Lexus dealership and goes for a test drive, and the moment he or she does so, a third party logs that visit and notes that the consumer has seen three different Lexus ads on television in the last two weeks, as well as visiting the Lexus website. 772 more words


Want to Stop Data Brokers From Profiting Off You? These Subversives Have a Solution

On Valentine’s Day two years ago, Facebook explained how it can tell when you’re falling in love. Future couples start to interact a lot more and then, boom: kissy face. 1,011 more words