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Another Education Today Article

I’m published again.

I won’t say too much about it, beyond that it is about Digital Technologies. I’ve been doing a LOT of research into how it will work while I plan next  year’s curriculum. 19 more words


Choose UNIX® Inside

By The Open Group

In 1991, Intel Corporation started their “Intel Inside” marketing and branding campaign that turned Intel into a household name.[1] The power of “Intel Inside” was that it allowed consumers to quickly understand the value of what was “in-the-box” and make an informed buying decision. 498 more words

Enterprise Architecture

Big Data can save lives, says cancer expert

ScienceDaily. Published online: 17 May 2016

The sharing of genetic information from millions of cancer patients around the world could be key to revolutionising cancer prevention and care, according to a leading cancer expert from Queen’s University Belfast.

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05 (May 2016)

What is this "miaow" about?

One of the most important issue for Bees was cat`s language. Today we listened to one of Polish poems about this matter (“Zeszły się cztery koty” by Ludwik Jerzy Kern) and got inspired by the idea of cats` laguage translator… 152 more words


The Effect of Digitisation on the Methods and Practice of Photographers

Digitisation has had a massive impact on the field of photography, our perception of the media and the nature of practice within the field. Artists like Andreas Gursky have embraced digital manipulation to create iconic work, however is this at the cost of a belief in the “truth” of photography? 2,653 more words

ICT Resource Management Planning

I have had experience working in both state and catholic schools in Queensland and have seen the difference in the way the two systems operate and in the way individual schools differ. 550 more words