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What Does “Survival of the Fittest” Mean in the Age of Digital Darwinism?

You may have heard the term “Digital Darwinism” permeate discussions about the changing landscape of business today. Now, companies that were once synonymous with leadership in their industries are either long gone or struggling to keep their doors open. 143 more words

Digital Transformation

LAS Abroad: Impressions of Vancouver

We watch the lunar eclipse from Stanley Park. Tonight, the moon is the moon of Nick Drake and Neil Young: pink and harvest and super, in all senses. 1,189 more words


Digital Technologies

Essay Plan


  • The internet plays a vital part throughout the film making process (especially during research & planning) as all research underwent during AS (title research, ident research and film opening research) and A2 (similar/existing films, genre research) was undergone via internet services and social media.
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This article puts together the power of Digital technologies and ODL to explore its educational benefits. A case study is provided in which the author explores the use of elgg in addition to LMS in the classroom. 50 more words


Critical social research on self-tracking: a reading list

Self-tracking has recently become a new area of fascination for critical social researchers. A body of literature has now been established of research that has sought to investigate the social, cultural and political dimensions of self-tracking, nearly all of which has come out in the last few years. 1,290 more words

Deborah Lupton

What is the value of digital classroom technology ?

I think we can’t ignore that one thing that happens in education. Everything changes all the time and people think that it’s static. But actually, in education, things are changing all the time. 525 more words

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