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The digital universe is growing; it's also becoming more unequalt

The vulnerability of information and technology infrastructures is becoming more visible and alarming by the day. Earlier this year, two separate malware outbreaks – WannaCry and Petya – affected hundreds of thousands of people and organisations around the world. 251 more words

TFFS - Taxpayer Funded Feckless Scientists

Never attribute to malice that which can be accounted for by incompetence.

Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard on Twitter and elsewhere) of RealClimateScience produced a… 174 more words

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"Inert and dead, but very roomy": Open Universe and Digital Music Expansion

Gravity may not be strong enough to hold the universe back. If that is the case, in Bill Bryson’s words, “the universe will keep racing away forever until everything is so far apart that there is no chance of material interactions, so that the universe becomes a place that is inert and dead, but very roomy.” 235 more words

"A Challenge to Intuition": Music and our Expanding Digital Universe

“If you cross the mirror in the other direction, there really is a universe of self-reproducing digital code. When I last checked, it was growing by five trillion bits per second. 519 more words

119 Theses Against the IPCC

UN-IPCC Expert Reviewer Dr Vincent Gray published an article in 2013 that included his comments on the draft publications associated with the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report. 6,393 more words

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