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The New York Times Old vs. New: Any Better?

Looking for a job in the fashion industry? Be wary of Zappos.

Recently, the shoe company revealed they are transferring to a Holacracy self-management program. 514 more words


Navigating the Holidays: Defending Print

Note: This post has been adapted and abridged (you’re welcome) from a think piece I wrote this semester in response to a graduate class assignment at Emerson. 782 more words


Give Me Paper or Give Me Death

This is not the debate you think it will be. I love both ebooks and print and this is not about which one is better. That fight has been played out more times than there are new titles in a year (for the curious, that’s some huge number I don’t want to look up). 485 more words


Digital vs Print: The Survival of the Bookstore

Going back long before we were born, the printing press killed the scribe. Will digital books kill the printing press?

This is a question that’s been circulating the book industry for quite some time sparking heated debates between those who think it will, and those who believe it won’t. 514 more words


Reading Round-Up, ABC Edition

It’s been a good 48 hours for book-related reading all over the internet. Here are three highlights in ABC order.

A is for Amazon
A Writerly Chill at Jeff Bezos’ Fire… 526 more words

Industry News

Digital Alone Won't Make as Strong of an Impact

We’ve all heard (and continue to hear) about the demise of print and the praises for the digital realm. It’s like a boxing match that never ceases to end, so when I saw a post on Target Marketing looking at the success of each medium, I was a little giddy (as I always am when people compare the two forms side by side). 204 more words

Multi-Channel Marketing

Response to Page One: Inside the New York Times

I thought that the possibility of not having print newspapers was very interesting and I’m not sure if I feel that will ever happen. It seems as if print is dying out, that is evident, but I feel that there may always be some sort of place for it. 191 more words