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Message-Driven Architecture

A message-driven architecture can have the following components.

  • Producer – The one that generates a message and then forwards it ahead.
  • Consumer – The one for whom the message was intended; who will then read it and process accordingly.
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What Is Event-Based Architecture?

Before reading about event-based architecture, you will need to understand what an event is. An event can be termed as any ‘change’ that occurs between two states. 942 more words


What Is Cloud Computing? What Are the Challenges Faced by the Cloud?

The word ‘cloud’ has gained significant traction over the past decade. Traditionally, businesses had on-premises architecture. This meant that all the hardware, storage, networking, and other IT assets of an organization were physically located in the organization’s premises. 1,087 more words


3 Pasos para establecer un presupuesto

Un presupuesto es una de las formas más comunes para entender cómo se mueve (o debería) nuestro dinero. No importa si tu flujo de efectivo es de $5000 al mes o si es de $100 000; el tener un buen manejo de nuestros ingresos y egresos siempre nos ayudará a tener finanzas sanas. 143 more words


Today's Art (17th October 2018)

Well, today’s digitally-edited painting was a bit of a failure. I’d originally planned to make make a “film noir”-style memory painting/self-portrait that is set in the room that appears in… 74 more words


Women Who Kill (Digital)

Women Who Kill (Digital)

Women Who Kill (Digital)

Twisted poisoners, jealous lovers, money-hungry man-haters and psycho moms have all used the blood of innocents to write chilling chapters in the history of American murders. 52 more words