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Nov 22 Wallpaper

What if our universe was actually a construct caught in the wake of a run-away cosmic event?  What if the universe’s rapid expansion is actually causing all the matter within to travel at the speed of light? 17 more words


Distractions are everywhere!

Go home Canada. You are drunk!

So much shit to cram into one picture.  Quebec banning religious symbols at federal workplaces, Bieber bangin’ a prostitute, senators stealing tax money!  It’s mayhem!

Marijuana Shrinks your Balls, and your Offspring are Less Likely to Procreate.

…Because we’re known for our discipline, and our impeccable self control.

Keep it criminalized. Quadruple the penalties.

Pro-pot is no longer the popular vote

The conversation has changed. 570 more words

What Proponents Don't Want You to Know (Part 3)

I really don’t need all this free publicity. It’s certainly not helping any. I mean it’s definitely an ego booster but it would have been nicer if they would have just asked. 854 more words

What Proponents Don't Want You to Know (Part 2)

No Brainers

There are some things in life that are no-brainers. Things that should be but aren’t. Things that could very well be in a fixed and proper state, but maybe because of negligence or fear of old world reprisals, they are left unchanged.  603 more words

What Proponents Don't Want You to Know. (Part 1)

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic disease where a person builds up glucose in his or her bloodstream due to a lack of insulin, or the absence of it. 1,118 more words

Portugal, 2000. (Idiots #11)

But it Feels so Good, it Can’t Possibly be Wrong.

In 2000, Portugal changed its drug policy in an effort to stem the spread of HIV. 805 more words