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Transform a game into a social media platform

QuizUp is a social trivia game, containing over 100,000 trivia questions across almost 300 categories. The game allows users to answer trivia questions either individually, or in competition against friends and strangers. 370 more words

I am on Team #Airbnb

Seven year ago, founders of Airbnb came up with a crazy idea where you could rent people’s rooms or apartments through the internet. Seven years later, this idea has revolutionised the way in which people live, travel and build communities. 762 more words


When to use Programmatic Ad Buying vs. Native Advertisement

In recent years a battle of paid advertising has emerged. The two competitors: Programmatic Ad Buying and Native Advertising. To understand the battle that exists, we need to understand both competitors. 659 more words


GoPro or Go home

GoPro is an American corporation that develops, manufactures and markets high-definition camcorders often used in extreme-action video photography. Founded by Nick Woodman in 2002, the company has gained extraordinary success and found itself… 588 more words


If you leave the shade, not only will you probably get skin cancer, but you will also lose wi-fi connection

Micro-multinational communications agency Happiness Anywhere has got the right idea.

I mean, if you didn’t Instagram or Facebook your trip to the beach, you might as well not have gone. 215 more words

Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" Video is all about marketing

Taylor Swift’s ‘latest music video is just released!

Taylor’s Swift is not only successful in her career as a singer, but her social media presence is also highly successful… 382 more words

Why isn't our Marketing working?

There are many reasons your marketing efforts do not work and your old Sales methods are just not getting your Sales team in front of new prospects. 319 more words