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Last-Click Attribution, is it good?

Hi All,

I’ve always wondered when a customer purchases something from an online store. Who takes the credit?

In other words, what factors are responsible for nudging the customer over the edge?

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Social Media #CutThroughTheNoise #RideTheWave

Managing Social Media for an organization can be overwhelming. It is a wave of information that seems impossible to control. If you have ever played in an ocean you will understand this analogy, if not, CARPE DIEM DUDE, go play in an ocean! 680 more words


Hello World! #FirstTweet - How famous accounts announced themselves on Twitter

Your first tweet when you join Twitter is both a momentous and pressured occasion. What will you say to your audience of no followers? How will you announce yourselves to the Twitter world? 1,338 more words

Digital marketing for beginners

Why you should you care to learn and understand the basics of Digital Marketing…?

Some interesting facts

Can’t be ignored

Digital marketing is growing with an immense speed in which you need to be up-to-date with the current information tactics and strategies.  465 more words


Top 5 tips for creating a great Facebook content

Nowadays, we all know a strong social media strategy is indispensable for any business. And Facebook is the main social media in this strategy. Indeed, Facebook is the most used of the social media and it allows to business to target lots of people. 380 more words


Apple mocks Samsung in Earth Day ads

Hey guys! So as you all know, Earth Day just happened a couple of days ago. This year, the biggest headlines in the digital marketing world for Earth Day, was Apple vs. 332 more words