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Marketing Strategy for the year we live in – Roadmap or Survival KIT?

Most of us in business management will agree that a company’s marketing strategy has to derive from intelligence data gathered form the market the business or organisation finds itself in, also from the wider environment and a set of forces operating in society, both locally as well as globally. 1,724 more words


Mobile Marketing: Individualise, Integrate, Involve and Initiate

Aside from that one guy who insists on clinging to his Nokia 3410, we basically all have smart phones. This is hardly a revelation, but the shift in approach as to how to utilise this enormous market of people with mobile devices IS hugely progressive. 453 more words

Digital Marketing

Whoever said slow and steady wins the race, clearly never studied Digital Marketing.

I always saw myself as a tech savvy individual. I own an iPhone and a laptop. I spend way too many hours on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat then I’m willing to admit.  185 more words

Grocery Shopping, at your fingertips!

Do you ever feel too lazy to go grocery shopping, but you have nothing left in your fridge? (That’s what happens to me most of the time! 422 more words

Hello, How may I help you?

1983, the year of the very first Mobile Phone. Amazing to think that cells phones have been around for roughly 32 years, yet only now the idea of Mobile Marketing is hitting its growth & development phase. 555 more words


Getting Hired and Digital Recruiting

The advancement in technology has undoubtedly brought people closer together. As a result we have become more globally connected. While the internet serves as a very good tool for getting connected and being connected with your friends and relatives; whether close and far off it should be noted that it is also an exceptional tool for recruiting too. 494 more words


Mobile Marketing: Boost Edition

While serving a customer at work the other day, I asked the routine question of, “Do you have our loyalty card?” The customer then rummaged through her wallet, filled with numerous cards, for half a minute. 645 more words