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Pestilence, Celestial Plague Bringer

Done with Pestilence! Make way Death and War, make way make way

With Pestilence I toned down the design and stance a little as compared to War, almost to an austere degree, with the intention of creating a humble archer releasing plague and disease without judgement or preference. 7 more words

Digital Art

Li'l Dig'ta' Colors

My friend, Marc Wilkinson also asked me to do poster art for his movie, Sunset Rock. So I’ve been sketching for that.

Here’s the trailer!


I'm alive

I haven’t uploaded anything here in ages. Now I am motivated to upload here again. :D This is art I made from a while ago. I’m very proud of it but I should get back to drawing again.


3 Values- Rubens - Master Study Compositon

Was having a hard time using three values with Rubens so I switched to the Mixer Paint Brush, Dry, Heavy Load and followed the contour of the form. 17 more words

Form Practice


I’ve been avoiding in depth perspective for a while now and it’s starting to show… as you can tell… the perspective is off…

The goal is to learn. 76 more words


War, Celestial Strife Forger.

Finally done with the second horseman of the apocalypse! Here it is:

In stark contrast to the serenity and poise that Death exudes, War gives off a certain intensity in his bearing and stance. 79 more words

Digital Art