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Distraction and Time Progress

Ya ever notice what took more time on feels less rewarding?  Here’s some works in progress

Just Don't.

Something that I quickly whipped out of my butt this morning.

I’m only kidding, dear reader!

Hope you enjoy the tenderness though. I’ve really been enjoying the quick pieces I’ve been putting together, just setting the scene right between characters. 72 more words


Equal to the Rate of Change

Most of know those words, they come from Newton’s second law.

See, I’m might be a bad mouthed, drawing manic, ranting retard and comic nerd, but I am quite knowledged if I say so myself! 433 more words



I’ve been saying thank you a lot today – And to you, dear reader, CHEERS! For being just you, a fantastic human being!

Huh, and I guess cheers for taking the time out to check out my work – Even with the random and unnecessary rambles. 29 more words