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Because it’s Monday #27: Digital Flower

It’s been a long time I did a digital sketch. So on this Monday I decided to sketch on my iPad with Paper 53 app! … 91 more words

Watercolor Painting

Calathea Doom

Great title because I just learned about this plant and it looks like its hand painted using watercolor; An aspect I certainly did not convey in this piece. 13 more words

Randy Sunny Digital Painting and TATTOO

Randy Sunny is an Indonesian Tattoo Artist and Illustrator in general, based in Singapore and Indonesia

Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and University of Ciputra. 41 more words

Digital Painting by Indonesian Tattoo Artist Randy Sunny

“Tattooing the Fairy” is not easy… They bleed the Fairy glitters so that “Randy-the-tattooing-Elf’s” Tattoo is so easy to mess up…
Guess opening tattoo shop in Fantasy universe is a bad deal after all… 21 more words

Best Fantasy Illustration by Randy Sunny

LINE me: randysunny
for TATTOO or DESIGN appointment

Project Progress!

Now onto color!

This is going to be a watercolor piece. AHHH! (out of my comfort zone I go!!!)

Inspiration by Alphonse Mucha 11 more words


Always had quite a bit of fascination with Greek mythology since young so I decided to do a landscape painting revolving around said theme.

Pretty straight-forward piece, so nothing much to be said here. 45 more words

Digital Art