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Turn, Turn, Turn...

There is a season for everything, turn, turn, turn, …

The words to this  pervasive and anthem-like song of the 60’s can be the key to unlocking your stories. 220 more words


Final Portfolio for INTE 5340 - Importance of Digital Story-telling

How and why is it important for you to tell stories?

Stories carry, pass on, information, feelings, passion, ideas, culture, humor, and so much more. This hasn’t changed, story telling is and has always been important to people. 2,134 more words


Brand Communication or Brand Connection

When companies like Google, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Unilever and Tata invest in an endeavor, it automatically gains attentions. The subtle yet deliberate inclination of these Brands towards Digital Storytelling has raised a question – Given the enormous expense of producing and broadcasting traditional advertising, should one even consider Digital Storytelling, a more extensive brand messaging? 488 more words

Just Blogging

Lucinda - my favourite!

The story “Lucinda” by Elyse March, still remains one of my favourite examples of digital storytelling.  I love how she uses her car to tell the story of her life.  37 more words


Father's Day

Father’s Day is almost here.  What better way to celebrate than to create a digital story featuring your father.  I am fortunate to have my dad still with me.  45 more words


Doubting castle 2: flipped lecture

This post will look at some knowledge on digital Drawing Techniques, I am confident with Drawing But not in Digital Drawing techniques, I hope I can learn some useful skill in Jenny’s lecture( 457 more words


Digital Storytelling to Capture Personal Histories

Digital storytelling has endless applications. This post gives examples of digital storytelling used to capture personal histories.

“Sons” is a moving story by Rhiannon Gallagher. I met Rhiannon when I was taking my digital storytelling facilitation workshop. 151 more words