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Week 13 and 14 Daily creates

TDC 1408

@ds106dc I keep having a dream that I'm competing in @BigBrother__USA & its part 1 of the finale HOH comp #tdc1408 pic.twitter.com/TKp6996zs9

— Kelsey Stanbro (@KelseyStanbro) …

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Meme-book and Insta-meme

Over the past few weeks we have looked at various jokes that are posted to social media sites to be shared and laughed at, but these jokes have appeared on Memes, which are the centre of all Internet jokes made and shared. 298 more words


Hotline Memes

Popular pop-singer Drake has just released his new music video for his song ‘Hotline Bling‘, just over a week ago. Since then, the Internet has broken.  341 more words


The Google Effect of life, my digital storytelling

Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose.

Ever since I can remember right before dawn, my nan would take my little hands between hers and we would walk outside where she would pull up a chair, and I would lie on top of her with my little pale legs sticking out the side.   1,260 more words


Evaluating 9 Lives- My own show

I decided to do the same thing I did when evaluating Wacky History‘s radio show. For their radio show I took notes during it and then answered the questions provided. 570 more words


Evaluating Wacky History

I decided the best way for me to critique the show would be to take notes as I listen to it and then to go back and reflect on the show with the questions provided. 466 more words


Netflix Fix

One of the most popular jokes going around is ‘Netflix and Chills’ which technically means “come over and ‘watch’ a show on Netflix and then half way through we can make out and more…”This joke, however, has been around for while, but the wording of the joke has evolved. 341 more words