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Information Overload: An addiction or just keeping up?

The Pew Research Center, in December 2016, put out a report that said around 20% of Americans feel overloaded by their choices in today’s information-saturated world. 253 more words

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The Power of Storytelling

As we introduce ‘hands on learning’ and Design thinking in education there is often a need to documnt what occur BEFORE, DURING and AFTER producing an representation. 150 more words


My First Time: Polaroids

Instructed to look at our digital life and how we interact online I noticed that I don’t have as much content as the common millennial, especially in the picture department. 63 more words

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Digital Divide: Access & Ability

The computer is an invention that has advanced society in more ways than one. The Internet, email and World Wide Web that followed only made further strides to connect even the most distant individuals across the globe. 1,019 more words

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The 4 Icon Challenge


What started with rubber gloves and a cup of coffee, ended with a 23 year marriage to the girl who was in his dreams before their first conversation. 24 more words

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Who I am online today

Media has been something with constant change, in not only what is being said and heard but how. With the ever-building list of social media sites out there, like Twitter and Facebook, regular citizens are becoming news sources for other people in their community. 148 more words

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Making Pictures Talk with ChatterPix & YakIt

Updated from my 2014 post

If you have access to iPads in your classroom, a great activity with your students is to make pictures talk, create animations that anthropomorphize objects, or use personification to demonstrate understanding. 410 more words