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9 Lives Commercial

When I first read the assignment I thought we were making a commercial, so I was super excited thinking of all the possibilities. I really wanted to do a commercial for some cat costume or something and put the smelly cat song in the background, but then when I read it again to avoid what I did when I made my bumper I saw that it was suppose to be a commercial to keep your audience listening to the show so I guess something about the show. 171 more words


9 Lives Bumper

I decided to start by Googling a song called 9 lives and I found a very funny one, which I then used as background music for my bumper. 156 more words


Digital storytelling idea proposal.....

So I’ve begun to brainstorm what exactly I’m going to create my digital storytelling project about. At first I was completely stuck for ideas, so I decided to consider what media practises are spatial in nature, that would work well in terms of audience, media and place. 207 more words


Every Weekend's a Weekend

Every weekend has a weekend? Well I guess it does Brad.. No the actual lyrics are every week has a weekend. For this 2.5 star assignment entitled… 374 more words


Week 7 & 8 Daily Creates

TDC 1366

@ds106dc Pareidolia in the sink #tdc1366 pic.twitter.com/602aDhpGmz

— Kelsey Stanbro (@KelseyStanbro) October 5, 2015

Today’s daily create was to create a pareidolia. A pareidolia is a picture that looks like something but is actually something else.

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I chose this photograph to represent unity. I think the chest has a very unified pattern on it and then the carpet does as well so it adds to the picture. 290 more words


Stand Up

The fifth design assignment I did was Create your own logo for 2 stars. I created a logo for myself if I had a brand. I used “Stand Up” because my last name is… 160 more words