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Week 6 Digital story telling

Hung, C.-M., Hwang, G.-J., & Huang, I. (2012). A Project-based Digital Storytelling Approach for Improving Students’ Learning Motivation, Problem-Solving Competence and Learning Achievement. Educational Technology & Society, 15(4) 712 more words

Telling it digitally!

How we interact in digital era:

Those who study Media and Communications must have at least once come across the phrase “The medium is the Message” coined by Marshall McLuhan. 884 more words


Digital Storytelling for Children with Autism

As an Educational Technology Specialist, I work with many learning support and special needs teachers. In the past couple of years, our school had enrolled an increasing number of students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 912 more words



This week our required reading was from Nilsson (2010): Developing Voice in Digital Storytelling through Creativity, Narrative, and Multimodality.  My greatest take away from the reading was the word INSPIRATION.   573 more words

Letterboxing Gone Digital!!

A few weeks ago, I reviewed a digital story about letterboxing.  I love letterboxing but my app has not been working lately and it is making it difficult to letterbox on the fly!   447 more words

Summer Memories

In our ILT 5340 class, we were given the freedom to choose any project from the DS106 Assignment Bank and focus on our chosen theme for the semester.   174 more words

@Wk 6 Reflection #Thoughts

The beginning of this week seems like a lifetime ago… I decided that my ds106 Choice Assignment would be about a family trip to Hanging Lake (I am loving my themed assignments by the way – my family has been able to discover things we have always wanted to do but can’t seem to remember to do when we have time)  I took a mix of video and still pictures that I later edited and made into a music video.   257 more words