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Sound Sampling Project

Rockin’ Rice

When thinking about this project, the first thing that came to my mind was to use something that I regularly hear and then emphasis the different sounds. 213 more words


Fast Cars... Catfight!

Wow, Unit 2 has been rather demanding and my job has been too lately, so my blog and my DS106 progress has suffered a little, but I’m back! 138 more words


Digital Story Structure & Audience

Digital Story Structure & Audience


Example of choosing your own story:

Which Princess Will You Meet?

You open your door to find that there are 4 pieces of fruit in a basket on your doorstep. 113 more words


Sound Sampling

After reading through the article about how Sound Sampling works through music, I watched the videos of example of sound sampling at work.

The whole time I was reading the article, I just kept thinking back to my Communications Ethics class I took a few a few semesters ago. 276 more words


Dear Future story teller,

As of the new year 2016 it is estimated that there are about 7.4 Billion people that populate earth. Which is a lot. It is interesting to think that you will never meet everyone who is here. 283 more words


Franklin's BBQ

May 2015

my¬†first video project and by far the most fun project I’ve worked on so far:

Franklin’s BBQ


Podcast: Wande Isola, Student by Day/ Rapper by Night

April 2015

My first podcast project featuring Journalism student Wande Isola

Wande Isola