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Surprising Poets: Tupac Shakur

The Surprising Poets Series

Above is a link to the first of a series of digital storytelling about surprising poets. I chose to start the series off with Tupac because his story is intriguing, and he made a huge impact in pop-culture. 286 more words


Assignment 3 - 03 Digital Storytelling

‘Digital Storytelling is a form of personal, heartfelt expression that enables individuals, communities and organisations to reclaim their personal cultures and stories while exploring their artistic creativity’ (ACMI, para. 577 more words


The Video Process

The video process has been an ongoing discussion in my Multimedia Storytelling class for the past weeks, as I gear up for my semester project. Currently, I am still in the early stages of my video process, as far as the complete project. 63 more words


What Happens When I Can't Make Sense Out Of My Digital Story?

A few weeks ago I posted about my journey of finding a digital story for my semester project. I was super excited for my story, but I started to become confused and frustrated with how I wanted to frame the story of Black women and self-care. 77 more words


Snapchat Journalistic Story

I attended the Association of Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) Midwinter Conference. This conference provides researchers and scholars with the opportunity to get feedback on their research so they can submit it to the main conference in August. 265 more words


Video And B Roll

Today, in class we had to record B roll and interview a classmate in a timed assignment. My peer and I had to both get on our knees in order for our heads to be framed in the camera. 61 more words


Assignment 3: Digital Storytelling Project


I chose to focus my assignment on one of Victoria University’s Halls of residence, Weir House, as I have lived there since February. Weir House has been a home away from home to me in my first year living in a new city. 685 more words