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The emotional bonds in digital storytelling

In Week Eight’s lecture, we had Mr. Brian Hurst, a Brisbane-based digital producer for ABC Regional, to talk about digital storytelling and how to engage with the readers by different forms of emotions. 49 more words

Digital story clip/ voice over

Finally, I figured out how to get iPhone’s screen record to work! Apparently you have to make sure to be in the audio app that you are recording. 61 more words


Screen record not working!

Sigh* today I wanted to use my phone to record some audio from a couple pod casts I like and then make it as background “music” for my video on iMovie… it worked the first time but now it doesn’t record any sound from the phone. 29 more words


Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark (official website here) is an application suite for creating social media posts, blogs and videos.   It can also be integrated with Google Classroom to create web pages and there is even a teacher resource website for all your classroom inspiration needs! 151 more words


I made it! Introduction!

I made this introduction using iMovie! I’ve never used any movie maker app before. I made it on my iPhone. I wish I could change the way the text enters the video. 10 more words


Digital Storytelling

I recently came across a concept called “digital storytelling” which I had never heard before. Apparently, according to a variety of sources including: https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/blogs/özge-karaoğlu/digital-storytelling and  90 more words