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Dollar Digits

Dollar Digits Burner numbers are no-contract phone numbers for business owners, or just for people who are looking for a second line on their phone, Just download Dollar Digits app, select an area code, and done! 6 more words

DIGITS: Chapter 24

“Damn it, Advik! You’re getting good at handling that sword,” shouted Ileana from the corner of the room where we were practicing from past few months. 451 more words


Beautiful day without you (ah) : Chronicle 25

People buy books to prepare their travel.

There are books to prepare your travel into Arts. As a bookseller, I order and present piles of them. 479 more words

DIGITS: Chapter 23

“So you are telling me that Ivanhov gave you this?” asked Ileana after she’d read the letter aloud.

“Yes,” I said.

“And you are saying that the Brotherhood is behind all this?” asked Ocean. 571 more words


DIGITS: Chapter 22

It was raining on the day of funeral. I Mr. Walder arrived to the school very late. The Brotherhood had warned them that Bestial might come to DIGITS. 801 more words


Using neural nets to recognize handwritten digits

The human visual system is one of the wonders of the world. Consider the following sequence of handwritten digits:

Most people effortlessly recognize those digits as 504192. 3,462 more words

Machine Learning