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The answer in the problem

A PuzzleCritic Original:

Let x be the answer to this problem, where x is a positive integer, and let y be the sum of its digits. 137 more words


Hashtag Clueless

I’m always trying to explain to people just how clueless I am when it comes to men and flirting and no one ever seems to understand. 401 more words


Build your own Deep Learning Box

Deep learning is a technique used to solve complex problems such as natural language processing and image recognition. We are now able to solve these computational problems quickly, thanks to a component called the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). 1,125 more words


Use Your "Digits" in a Different Way

There is a certain kind of joy one gets when the pen is put to paper. When we shun the ‘Digitality’ (Not a real word, I know) of things and just pick up the good ol’ hard-copy notepad. 229 more words


Wet numbers

Numbers left out overnight
Strung about the garden, all decorational
Rained on in a sudden squall
Their sorbent soggy digits
Cast lonesome laggy shadows
Cross the mossy, midge-strewn thickness… 19 more words


Z is for Zeroes and ones: Day-26

“The array of Zeroes and ones is like the DNA structure of Digital communications and Data Transmission.”

A group of Zeroes and ones,
have started from the source… 593 more words


here, take my number

“How was drinks yesterday? Hold up, what is it you’re looking so anxious about now?”

“I’m just worried I’m gonna mess this up. I’m gonna do something he doesn’t like, and he’ll hear about it and he won’t stay.” 133 more words