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How to Memorize Numbers • 10-19 Single Digits | Memory Techniques

Learn how to memorize numbers 10-19 using the Memory Training Techniques of the Major System in this How to Remember Numbers series by AE Mind Memory Coach, Luis Angel. 7 more words

The personality of numbers as revealed in sudoku

Something’s just become clear to me: the reason why I like sudoku is because it’s a sociable, strategic game. Sure, I play alone, in theory. But equally, the numbers are playing me. 280 more words


Q&A Wednesday - How To Ask For A Girl's Phone Number

This is going to be a short post, answering a question I recently got on my email, regarding how to actually ask for a girl’s phone number, after you’ve approached her, had a couple of minutes of good chatting, and you genuinely think you want to see this person again. 703 more words


What is the syntax to see if a string only contains numbers?

<string name>.isdigit()
str = 'HELLOWORLD123'
str2 = "12345"



T-Mobile's New 'Digits' Service Lets Customers Use Multiple Numbers Across All Their Devices

(Source: www.macrumors.com)


Many people have separate phone numbers for work and personal use, and the Digits service, which is a souped-up blend of AT&T’s NumberSync and Google Voice, puts both numbers on one smartphone. 472 more words


How to Find the Hottest Pair

EMAIL I just got:
I’ve never been a fan of chasing the “due” in gambling. Is there any way of using a combination of your programs to find the trend and follow it? 174 more words

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985 in New York (6 Digit Report)

A player from New York just sent me the picture below….this person obviously read the 6 Digit Report I sent out.

This is the report I am referring to (click on it to open it):


New York