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The Vault: Powers of two

My new book of maths puzzles is on its way! It’s packed full of interesting problems to sink your teeth into. I’ll post an update as the launch approaches. 271 more words


Yahia Lababidi: Three Poems


I am Destiny’s son

loyal by his side

(I never wander long)

Life is as remote to me

as Destiny is intimate:

an ache sweet and serene 282 more words


How to Memorize Numbers • 10-19 Single Digits | Memory Techniques

Learn how to memorize numbers 10-19 using the Memory Training Techniques of the Major System in this How to Remember Numbers series by AE Mind Memory Coach, Luis Angel. 7 more words

The personality of numbers as revealed in sudoku

Something’s just become clear to me: the reason why I like sudoku is because it’s a sociable, strategic game. Sure, I play alone, in theory. But equally, the numbers are playing me. 280 more words


Q&A Wednesday - How To Ask For A Girl's Phone Number

This is going to be a short post, answering a question I recently got on my email, regarding how to actually ask for a girl’s phone number, after you’ve approached her, had a couple of minutes of good chatting, and you genuinely think you want to see this person again. 703 more words


What is the syntax to see if a string only contains numbers?

<string name>.isdigit()
str = 'HELLOWORLD123'
str2 = "12345"



T-Mobile's New 'Digits' Service Lets Customers Use Multiple Numbers Across All Their Devices

(Source: www.macrumors.com)


Many people have separate phone numbers for work and personal use, and the Digits service, which is a souped-up blend of AT&T’s NumberSync and Google Voice, puts both numbers on one smartphone. 472 more words