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Strobe & Nemesis "DIGITS" Fingertutting Styles Bay Area | YAK FILMS #UrbanDance #UrbanMedia #YAKfilms @YAKfilms

Strobe & Nemesis “DIGITS” Fingertutting Styles Bay Area | YAK FILMS #UrbanDance #UrbanMedia #YAKfilms @YAKfilms Watch Video – https://wp.me/p60eNF-adF

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In MX5500 EOS 8 Digits Price Tag Gun Labeler

DVD labelers should be a standard piece of office equipment in any home office or place of employment. Although most people may not need to use it on a daily basis, the labelers are inexpensive and worth more than their weight in gold when needed. 298 more words

Single Digits In Praise of Small Numbers Latest

A proverbial pat-on-the-back is one of the most powerful motivators we can experience. It’s no shame to desire approval. As William James said, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” It imparts energy and unlocks discretionary effort, as well as reinforces desirable behaviors. 321 more words

Doctor! Doctor! Medical Fetish

I am your doctor, white coat, snap on the latex gloves, kind eyes and a sweet smile. this won’t hurt but it may be embarrassing. Just kneel up here and pull your trousers down behind the sheet. 610 more words

Day 23: Twenty-Six

I know it is kind of confusing, but what the hey, my mind isn’t thinking of much to work on today. Here’s today’s date (26) for Day 23: