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Z is for Zeroes and ones: Day-26

“The array of Zeroes and ones is like the DNA structure of Digital communications and Data Transmission.”

A group of Zeroes and ones,
have started from the source… 593 more words


here, take my number

“How was drinks yesterday? Hold up, what is it you’re looking so anxious about now?”

“I’m just worried I’m gonna mess this up. I’m gonna do something he doesn’t like, and he’ll hear about it and he won’t stay.” 133 more words


Dodgy decimals

From the 2014 American Invitational Maths Examination:

The repeating decimals 0.ababab… and 0.abcabc… satisfy

0.ababab… + 0.abcabc… = 33/37.

Find the digits a, b and c. 174 more words


Write a program to print the sum of all digits in a number using c#

Below is the code to find the sum of all the digits in a number.

using System;
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
219 more words


The Vault: A gem from Russia

Here I present my first entry into the Vault, a collection of puzzles so well crafted, they provide the standard by which all other problems should be measured. 375 more words


Digit puzzle - 9 and 10 distinct digits


Find all integers whose decimal representation

consists of 9 distinct nonzero digits such that


Do the same for integers

consisting of 10 distinct digits (leading zeros excluded) such that: 32 more words

Number Puzzles