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A very long number

From the 2000 University of Waterloo Cayley Contest:

The leftmost digit of an integer of length 2000 digits is 3. In this integer, any two consecutive digits must be divisible by 17 or 23. 197 more words


Autogenerated numbers

An integer is automorphic if its square ends with that integer, like 762 = 5776. This notion is clearly base-dependent. Ignoring trivial 0 and 1, in base 10 there are two such numbers for any number of digits; they comprise two infinite sequences that can be thought of informally as “infinite” solutions of x2 = x, and formally as solutions of this equation in the ring of 10-adic numbers. 459 more words


If Trump Picks Palin He Could Drop to Single Digits!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Donald Trump …they do.  Just when you thought he couldn’t drop faster in the polls, he does.   151 more words

One word photo challenge -cardboard

It’s cardboard numbers for my one word photo challenge cardboard

New Today

Reading the Comics, June 18, 2016: The Quiet Week Edition

It’s been a quiet week. There’s not a lot of comic strips telling mathematically-themed jokes. Those that were didn’t give me a lot to talk about. 462 more words


The answer in the problem

A PuzzleCritic Original:

Let x be the answer to this problem, where x is a positive integer, and let y be the sum of its digits. 137 more words


Hashtag Clueless

I’m always trying to explain to people just how clueless I am when it comes to men and flirting and no one ever seems to understand. 401 more words