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Looking Beyond Green Jobs

I recently attended the Canadian and United States Societies of Ecological Economics meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Hearing economists debate how to include ecological and biophysical values into the metrics for assessing progress raised my sense of exasperation, and kindled a small flame of hope. 566 more words

Agile Tribu – What it means to me? (In France (the country) and in English (the language)

2012 was the year I learnt about agile. To be faire, I had probably used it without knowing it. But as ancient history will say, there is power in words and calling something what it is. 851 more words


Alternative to Modern Capitalism? Buddhist Economics

So, 12 days since my last post. Preparing for a move to SE Asia has been like bodysurfing a wave that was a tad bit bigger than you – lots of momentum and movement – and it’s pushing you all over the place while you try to keep your head above the foam! 393 more words

Everything Else

My Liberal Labor Day Fantasy

Today is Labor Day, our annual celebration of American workers.  The holiday was created about a century ago, during the golden age of unions… 1,308 more words


Finding the Dignity of Work

This labor day, I want to reflect on the Dignity of Work, one of the core principles of Catholic Social Teaching. When people talk about employment justice, I notice a lot of talk about the rights to earn just wages and to form unions. 446 more words


"Now the green blade rises..."

I’m still here. Sometimes, when it’s been weeks between posts, the longer it goes, the harder it is to start again. I think this has been the longest void. 415 more words


Defining Calling

“I’m called to ministry” is a thing people sometimes say.

People also sometimes say, “I’m called to serve the homeless,” or “I feel called to go to China on mission,” or even, “I really felt called to go work at that non-profit.” 347 more words