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#140 Diigo: Annotating webpages to share

When you take a screenshot of a webpage, do you sometimes think that it would be great to be able to annotate it before you email it to a colleague?  35 more words


#136 Diigo: Adding a bookmark

Now that you’ve downloaded the Diigo browser extension, you can get started capturing bookmarks so that you can tag and sort them and share them easily with groups of people.¬† 18 more words


Curating Resources

The next tutorial we have been asked to work through is about curating resources to help us create our online resources. The goals of the tutorial are to: have an insight to the range of tools, be aware of where to look for resources and reflect on the use of technology to reach educational goals. 274 more words

A3 - Sharing Resources via Diigo

I have been trying all course long to get into Diigo and really feel the love and power, but I just keep forgetting it is there… 227 more words


May 5th - Diigo

One of the issues of internet and computer reading is the inability to highlight and annotate. ¬†Certain reading apps and paid websites have options, but sometimes I just want to highlight some text on a PDF I pull up from the Internet, on my quest for something to do that, I came across… 111 more words


Cool Tool! (Week Ten Post)

For this weeks blog post I was challenged to make a screen cast video explaining the benefits of a cool tool called Diigo! We have heard of Diigo in past blog posts, but here I include a video to really show you what Diigo can do. 40 more words