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Thing 21: Productivity Tools

For this activity I chose to spend time with Tweetdeck and Diigo.

I used Diigo to support a Wikipedia lesson I was teaching. Rather than just tell the kids about using Wikipedia for research or putting screen shots into a Powerpoint I figured it would be powerful to take them to the pages where Wikipedia addresses the pros and cons of using it as a research tool. 236 more words

EDC3100 Week 1 - Setting up digital tools

Over the past week I began (as many other students have) setting up the digital tools we are required to use through out EDC3100. While I wouldn’t call myself an ICT expert, I am quite confident with using ICTs and thoroughly enjoy working out how new ICTs work. 127 more words


Acquisition and Investigation (Part 2- Examples)

From Collection to Investigation

An example of a Pinterest board for collecting site ideas for research for PBL unit:

An example of an individual student’s page in Diigo for their PBL unit research: 49 more words


Acquisition and Investigation (Part 1- The Plan)

When choosing which “Acquisition and Investigation Tool” I was going to focus on for my PBL Unit, I was torn between Pinterest and Diigo. I decided in the end to use both because they both are highly advantageous to the research process.  588 more words


Social Bookmarking - where have you been all my life?

Social bookmarking is one of the greatest tools I’ve ever encountered. That being said, I must admit I’m very behind on technology and what it has to offer. 604 more words

Sharing Resources and Links with my Team

I enjoy it when someone shares a useful tip, tool or resource with me.  If they’ve thought carefully about my interests, know what’s relevant to me, and offer it to me in a “place” that’s convenient to me, then it’s a great gift from them.   781 more words

Social Learning

Take a look at using Diigo the social bookmarking tool you can access anywhere

Diigo helps you to build your own personal library of resources that is saved in the cloud. This means it is accessible from any device wherever you are. 587 more words