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Unter Social Bookmarking versteht man das Abspeichern und Kategorisieren von verschiedenen Internetseiten, Fotos, PDFs oder ähnlichen Dateien, meistens auf einem Server. Auf diesen Server können unter Umständen auch andere Nutzer zugreifen, was den Austausch und die Organisation ermöglicht. 336 more words


Seven Inspiring Innovations In Education From Around the Globe | Innovation | Smithsonian

Defining Innovation: The process of making changes to something established by introducing something new.”

But the question is:
Billions of people in this rapidly changing world are remaining under-served in the field of education. 30 more words


Horizon Report - Higher Education Edition

One more article about trends, accelerating technology adoption, significant challenges, and important developments, this time in higher education.

from Diigo http://ift.tt/1Ch2FFt



Horizon Report - K-12 Edition

In this article, you can find information about trends, accelerating technology adoption in K-12 education, significant challenges, and important developments.

from Diigo http://ift.tt/2cVbftF



Look How Hip We Are: We Bookmarked Some Things On Diigo

We bookmarked a bunch of vape related things from around the web and we made it all public via our Diigo account, which lets us share whatever we want with our friends and followers. 483 more words


Big data innovation trends in education - YouTube

One valuable benefit of big data analytics is that it empowers education by collecting BIG data on students’ behavior and learning process through MOOCs. To know more, watch the video where Dr. 31 more words