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Fragments of Dikmen

My husband’s family has lived in Dikmen for over half a century.  His grandfather built the first apartment building (three floors, two flats on each floor) on the hill.   438 more words


Dikmen Vadısı (4 of 4)

My final post on this valley park area that I discovered this year – even though it’s on the doorstep of where we visit the in-laws! 158 more words


Dikmen Vadısı (3 of 4)

Back again at the park in Ankara that was my surprise find after all these years driving back and forth there. These images are not bad, but mostly taken before 08:00am on dull mornings during late January, early February. 160 more words


Dikmen Vadısı (2 of 4)

This is another post about the massive park I stumbled across right where we visit family each year in Ankara, here in Türkiye. Having always been behind the wheel of a car in that city, I somehow missed this! 173 more words