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The Cynical Cartoonist Correlation Factor

I love a good creative metric:

From the book “Results Without Authority” by Tom Kendrick.

In case you’re curious, this hangs on the wall behind my desk at work:

Happy Friday everyone!


Dilbert - Alice's Phone Trance

So… how many of you can relate to this?

Simon :-)

credit – Dilbert.com


IE in IT Horror Stories

In the spirit of Halloween, here are a number of IT horror stories for your enjoyment.

Note: all of these IT horror stories are from my personal experience or observations working with a variety of organizations and clients. 572 more words


Different Time Estimates

Boss: I’m getting wildly different estimates for how long it will take to write the software. Dilbert: Based on my experience, I say take the longest estimate and multiply it by three. 15 more words


In depends on beliefs

-What do human beings do?
-Mostly, they eat, sleep and hope they won’t die.
-Is that it?
-Unless they discover religion in which case, they eat, sleep and put their hopes in Death.

Scott Adams – Dilbert

Articles In English

2016.10.14 The Robot

Everybody in the manufacturing industry knows how big the company Assobot is. It literally monopolises the assembly robotics business around the world. Yet, not many knew that Assobot has been secretly working on the Artificial Intelligence in the humanoid form factor since the beginning of this century. 423 more words

Day In Day Out

Open plan science

The new(ish) big thing in the world of scientists in the UK is the Crick Institute in London.

Wow…8 floors above and 4 floors below ground level! 608 more words