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From the brilliant guy who draws "Dilbert": "If you take a purely military approach to ISIS, you never kill the idea that is at its core"

The Wall Around ISIS
September 28, 2016

Turkey is almost finished building its wall to keep out Syrian refugees. That seals off the ISIS Caliphate’s Northern border. 79 more words

Israel & Middle East

Scott Adams, the Donald Trump of Punditry

by Alex Knepper

Anyone who has subjected himself to the stream of brain-droppings of pundits and their peanut galleries on social media has undoubtedly crossed paths with some intrepid soul heralding the Gospel of Scott Adams. 1,799 more words

2016.09.25 The Talker

The Business Leader Association Handbook (BLAH) famously divided employees of the entire world into 2 types – those who can talk comfortably about things they have no idea about (the talker) and those who can’t (the doer). 378 more words


Hillary Clinton: fashion icon ... say, what?

An article in this weekend’s Washington Post made me belly-laugh …. and gives me a chance to dig a tidbit out of the archives.

Here’s the headline: 271 more words

Trump, Donald

NonProphets Podcast

Three episodes of the new NonProphets Podcast are now available for download on iTunes and on Blubbry. Every week—give or take—Atief Heermance, Scott Eastman, and I talk about forecasting and look at questions from various public forecasting platforms.  384 more words


The Third NonProphets Podcast Is Up

The latest episode of the NonProphets Podcast is available on iTunes and on Blubbry. In this episode we increase our estimates of Donald Trump’s chance of winning but disagree with… 83 more words