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I’m guessing that there was a time in Europe – say the late 16th Century Sixteenth – when 97% of the population believed in the truth of the Gospels. 1,789 more words

Why My Colleagues Are Idiots

I didn't Exhale

Breathe. It has to be the most cliche advice of all time. Deep breath in, and… let it out. Clinton didn’t inhale, I didn’t exhale. We’re both guilty. 407 more words

What about 100% of Effective People?

“100% of effective people seem to have read that book.”

Listening to Scott Adams plugging Influence by Robert Cialdini.  Tim Ferris asked him for his opinion on best book ever (or book he’d be most likely to gift to others). 81 more words


Ave atque vale, Dilbert

I’ve long loved the comic strips. In high school I’d regularly run across the street for a cup of coffee and the Waterbury Republican, work the crossword, and catch up on the day’s funnies. 342 more words