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Know Thyself: A Psychological Tendency Worth Knowing About

Cognitive dissonance is the tension caused by holding two conflicting ideas.

Here’s Nir Eyal, author of Hooked, who perfectly summarises the idea with the aid of an age-old fable: 614 more words


401K warning?

This NPR story — Retirement account pioneers regret what they started — seems a bit disconcerting.  The way 401Ks were presented to me, I thought this was the way to prepare for retirement. 93 more words

Adult Life


Effective communication in the workplace is very important.  Employees usually work within teams and thus it is very critical for them to be able to communicate their ideas to their colleagues clearly and effectively.   651 more words


Asok Agrees To Be Hit Man - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2016-12-13 | Dilbert by Scott Adams

Boss: Our company spokesperson embarrassed us on social media. Does this qualify him for an “honor killing?”

Asok: No, and you’re a racist.

Boss: Here’s what he said on social media. 22 more words


Trump is the new CEO

One of the coolest, most loyal celebrity supporters of President-Elect Trump is Scott Adams, creator-cartoonist of the Dilbert series. Here’s his take on what Trump is up to now: 188 more words