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Today's Dilbert 9-4

I hate to borrow from the Dilbert strip again. But if you’ve been following Dilbert lately, you’ll know that the company’s prototype robot model didn’t always go as planned. 46 more words


Could Dilbert's 'mean' robot be logical?

You never know where or when you’re going to bump into a logical syllogism. Or shall I say an ATTEMPT at a logical syllogism.

I scan the daily paper, including the comics, for interesting and challenging blog topics. 632 more words


Writing Tip #6: Always Read Between the Lines?

In Writing Tip #4: Always Read Between the Lines, I insisted that writers read everything a piece of art is not telling them, and demonstrated why with a clip featuring a popping performance from… 792 more words


Today's Dilbert

You know, I just luv the Dilbert strip so much. The way I see it – hardly anyone (proportionally) visits this blog – thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people – visit the Dilbert site each day. 38 more words


The Mouse and The House

There was a tiny little mouse that decided it was time to live in a house.

He checked the entire neighborhood, through the thickened weeds; to find a place of his his own, one that would fit his needs. 424 more words


To release the pressure, we need a holiday

Pretty much sums up work at the moment and the complete failing to use my holiday.

I have 17 days to use before the 30 September.