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Dilbert -- Wind chimes


Dilbert is annoyed by all the noise his neighbors are making. He tries to walk over and solve the problem on his own, but his neighbors keep doing other things that bother Dilbert.


An Old Tree

Once upon a time there was a leafy tree in a field. Leaves grew densely on the tall branches. The roots were deeply into the ground. 493 more words


imagist/plagiarist/arsonist, l'etat c'est moi

in the summer when it rains

and your flu has just begun,

take a step towards the memories, the

air and moisture, the shadows

lit by the past.   57 more words

When to Trust the Experts (Climate and Otherwise)

This refers to Scott Adams’s Blog,  “Dilbert”, a really interesting and commonsense article posted 11th Sept 2017.

Our duo of hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, have elevated the perceived risks of climate change in a lot of people’s minds.

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Is He In A Coma? No? Then Walk It Off

Any thing I don’t understand must be simple.
-Dilbert’s Pointy Haired Boss

Have you ever been sad? I mean really sad? Like someone you loved died?

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Personal Development


I like to think of good organization as a set of systems that run in the background of your life. Like breathing or blinking, once your organizational systems are up and running they should take fairly little effort to maintain and benefit you every day. 704 more words