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Today's Dilbert - the Turing Test

I’m sorry – most days i try to keep political stuff off the “Report,” but today I just couldn’t resist.
We are all great Dilbert fans here at . 112 more words


Summary: How to Fail at Almost Everything and still Win Big

Failure is not only inevitable, it can be an asset.
That is something that Dilbert’s Scott Adams and I firmly believe.

1. Goals are for losers… 1,576 more words

Today's Dilbert

It’s no secret – I luv the Dilbert strip. i especially enjoy adding my two-cents into the conversation. Here’s today’s Dil.

It seems that Alice’s dislike of Mondays is right up Wally’s alley. 13 more words


Today's Dilbert

You have to admit – this is funny!

I’m not really into the “social media” thing these days. I don’t have FB or Twitter account but I am kinda a student of human studies. “It still works…”


The Man-Month Myth; tales from the early computer days

Frederick Brooks identified the myth of the man-month in his first book, “The Mythical Man-Month.” He was describing the phenomenon of getting programming projects complete and estimating how many people it would take. 128 more words

Blog Club

Be the Cheese....

There is an episode on one of my son’s favorite TV shows, Jay Jay the Jet Plane where Herkie, the Helicopter has to perform a good deed in order to earn a Merit Badge. 495 more words


Dodging the Dilbert

I would like to dedicate part of this week to the one hit wonders. The ones that arrived unexpectedly and exited just as quickly.

One of the sweetest and most genuine men that I met via online dating has to be the Dilbert lookalike. 280 more words