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That Clueless Boss

It’s good to be retired. Each morning, the Los Angeles Times arrives with a thump outside the apartment door. It’s a retro thing. No one gets their news from newspapers any longer. 3,097 more words

Donald Trump

Fraud Friday: Crime Pays, or Talking Animals Discuss the Finer Points of Escrow

On a tight deadline this week for a project, so no lengthy analytical post today. Rumors of impending treasonweasel activity are rampant, so I suspect the news cycle is about to heat up and bury this blog anyway. 10 more words

Sick bastard at office only taking elevator down one floor

Chicago, IL-On Tuesday, a faceless and wholly beige employee with a productive cough was scene proudly riding the elevator down a single floor. The prospect of ten or so stairs proved too daunting for the person who spends the entirety of their day resting like cloth goiter from an outdated desk chair. 166 more words


Memories of working: timeless treasures from my office bulletin board

The other day, I finally bestirred myself to take some action in cleaning out our overflowing collection of books before the deadline for the annual book sale passes and, lo and behold, I came across a box left from when I cleared out my office at work over ten years ago. 271 more words

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Grandma’s Inspiring Cup of Coffee in Bed

A little boy surprised his grandmother one morning and brought her a cup of coffee in bed. He had made it all by himself and was very proud of himself. 126 more words


On Easter, two words you can say to Jesus

I was five years old when I walked into my mother’s bedroom and told her I wanted to give my life to Christ. We got down on our knees beside the bed and I asked Jesus into my heart. 594 more words


Quote on being done

Science isn’t about being right every time, or even most of the time. It is about being more right over time and fixing what it got wrong.

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