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Dilbert on Amusing Ourselves to Death

Like all good humour, the strip is a minor exaggeration of reality.

The strip serves as a segue from my concerns about the continuing relevance of Postman’s… 125 more words

Classroom Teaching

Scott Adams, Master Persuader

The creative mind behind the Dilbert Cartoons, Scott Adams impressed me profoundly with his early prediction of Trump’s win within a few weeks after Trump announced his candidacy. 47 more words


How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

The title of this post is identical to the title of a book by Scott Adams.  The subtitle is “Kind of the Story of My Life.”  Scott Adams is the creator of “Dilbert.”  HM needs to make a confession at the outset and that is that he is an enormous Scott Adams fan.  348 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Lee Library #9 Dilbert

I have a bit of a confession to tell you.

Despite being known as a bit of a geek…I don’t like comics. They leave no impression on me, I find the vast majority little more than poorly written scrap books. 405 more words


Let's Keep Our Priorities Straight

Both with policy and innovation, we need to remember that patients are our priority. 13 more words


Book Comment: How to Fail.. and still Win Big

A nice little weekend-read has been the self-help/how-to-success/biography from Scott Adams , published in December 2014.

All the prescriptive how-to models in the book felt a little bit tiring after a while, but the personal stories were fascinating, especially the long battle with a vocal cord disorder that made the author-cartoonist unable to speak for several years. 71 more words


The Dilbert Guy

Perhaps the most interesting development the last month is the attention the “Dilbert Guy” Scott Adams is getting after about a year of correct (and neutral) analysis of politics and the media coverage. 32 more words