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in defense of meetings

T. S. Eliot observed that we measure out our lives in coffee spoons. Actually, we are more likely to do it on an electronic scale. I put 12 grams of loose leaf tea in a beaker each morning. 478 more words


June 8, 1957 - Scott Adams and Dilbert are Born

On June 8, 1957, hypnotist, vegetarian, Mensa member, and “Libertarian, minus the crazy stuff” Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams was born in Windham, New York.  The proud but sarcastic owner of an MBA from Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley, Adams began his career in telecommunications and software development for Crocker National Bank and Pacific Bell in the San Francisco Bay Area.  28 more words


Dilbert on Social Media

I have a daily Dilbert calendar on my desk at work and this one showed up yesterday. I thought it was a good commentary on the negativity that so fully permeates social media:


Rep. Nunes Delights in ‘Dilbert’ Creator’s Snarky ‘Take’ on Dems’ Dive in Reuters Poll

ㅤ"Scott Adams took a dig at Democrats’ apparently willingness to defend anything President Donald Trump opposes, posting a tweet responding to news the latest Reuters weekly tracking poll showing the GOP is now leading on the generic ballot: 45 more words


Yanny, Laurel, Covfefe

Greg Gutfeld on FOX News created the best analogy for last week’s “yanny vs. laurel” conversation. He said it’s the way we see politics now. As… 113 more words

Is There Such A Thing As Normal?

What exactly is normal? Teen girl Betania wonders this very question.

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