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Employee was puking out of his butt last night according to his work from home request

Chicago, IL-An overdetailed work from home request that would have otherwise been promptly ignored, drew attention from several employees after noticing the graphic recounting of what had transpired to make the work from home a necessity. 171 more words


Dilbert's Creator On Trump's VSG Tweet

Scott Adams: Trump’s ‘Very Stable Genius’ Tweet Was ‘Absolutely Genius’

By Debra Heine at PJ Media

Dilbert creator Scott Adams explained in a Periscope video Saturday that President Trump’s latest string of tweets was an example of his absolute genius. 576 more words


Crossing Guard Thinks No One Is Watching

The world today is both an amazing and, sometimes, scary place – and those two things converge nowhere like with our children.

In bygone days, children were essentially left free to roam about with little concern for their safety. 506 more words


O Holy Night

“So where do you think we will be going to church next month?” That became a common inquiry from my husband. We had moved to this mid-Atlantic hinterland and found ourselves in search of a new church. 1,097 more words


IE Lessons from Dilbert, Part 1

I remember a story from and by Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, about the language shift of the 1990s. Many of the buzz words for management trends shifted to clearer and more pragmatic terms, as one manager said, they were uncertain who was feeding ideas to Dilbert and were afraid that what they said in the meeting would be mocked in the next comic. 1,046 more words


Why We Need To Learn To Love Project Managers

‘There isn’t a child alive who dreams of being a project manager’ –¬† so said¬†Scott Berkun.

He pointed out that project managers can unintentionally reinforce their work as (let’s be honest) … 548 more words