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Do you ever find yourself caught up in an ongoing situation where you’ve told yourself over and over again you will not make the same mistake, you will not go back or even speak to that person? 368 more words

An Open Blog

I feel like an introduction is important, at least to provide some background. But honestly I can’t really write one because the main point of my blog isn’t to introduce strangers online into my life endeavors; this blog is for me to read back on all the crazy shit I did at 18 and laugh it off when I’m 45 or something. 365 more words


Brawn vs Brains

It was 05:30 am and there was just a little over an hour before the end of shift. We were silent, driving around the neighbourhood, fading into that zone that night workers reach about this time, the humming zone, where you are half way between awake and asleep. 867 more words


On Writing- Post a Day Dilema

I haven’t written in nearly a week now, not on here or in my journal. I love to write and some say they feel I write well. 358 more words

Posts A Day

Paradoxos da gestão

Muito embora consistência seja um dos fatores mais valorizados em um bom líder, no mundo atual nem sempre esse atributo serve aos propósitos da liderança… 331 more words