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How to be perfect kisser 

Yes… we all do it and we all think we are a stunning kissers. Some people were said many times how great of kissers they are and you can feel it even before you actually kissed them. 495 more words


Here's Some Tea For Your Office! Should She Tell Him Or Nah? Take A Break To Finish This Story, Just For The Fun Of It

Take a break from work and finish this story- I’d like to open this writing assignment to anyone who would like to complete this story… 1,102 more words


signs you know it's a real deal

Most probably many of you have had already the situation when something just casual was turning into so called ” real deal”. How were you feeling back then ? 392 more words


A trajetória de Lula e os dilemas e desafios do Brasil, por Roberto Bitencourt da Silva | GGN

A condenação judicial do ex-presidente da República, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, representa um novo e grave capítulo do movimento golpista empresarial-midiático-judicial, que destituiu ilegitimamente uma presidente eleita e rasgou a Constituição de 1988. 113 more words



Cuando rechazan por quinta vez tu escrito,

cuando el doctor tiene malas noticias,

cuando nada sale como lo planeado.

Cámara, no me agüito.



what are morals for ?

What would you do if you were in love with two women ? Which one would you choose? Would you regret the decision of sleeping with somebody else while being in a serious relationship ? 637 more words



Según los historiadores de la vida del espectáculo o más bien conocidos como TMZ, Britney tuvo su breakdown a los 27 años, en el año 2007. 72 more words