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Cuando rechazan por quinta vez tu escrito,

cuando el doctor tiene malas noticias,

cuando nada sale como lo planeado.

Cámara, no me agüito.



what are morals for ?

What would you do if you were in love with two women ? Which one would you choose? Would you regret the decision of sleeping with somebody else while being in a serious relationship ? 637 more words


Según los historiadores de la vida del espectáculo o más bien conocidos como TMZ, Britney tuvo su breakdown a los 27 años, en el año 2007. 72 more words


La piedra no es la misma cuando vuelves a tropezar con ella... y tú tampoco.

Hace cinco años abrí un blog, mi primer post tenía de título “La piedra no es la misma cuando vuelves a tropezar con ella…” y contenía una triste historia de como jamás recibí un libro de regreso. 578 more words


We Are Glass....

I don’t know anyone who is truly and entirely happy. Nobody.

Everyone is worrying about something.

I worry about everything. It is what it is. 343 more words


Do you ever find yourself caught up in an ongoing situation where you’ve told yourself over and over again you will not make the same mistake, you will not go back or even speak to that person? 368 more words

An Open Blog

I feel like an introduction is important, at least to provide some background. But honestly I can’t really write one because the main point of my blog isn’t to introduce strangers online into my life endeavors; this blog is for me to read back on all the crazy shit I did at 18 and laugh it off when I’m 45 or something. 365 more words