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6 Pieces of Advice for the Christian Joining the Military

So, you’re signing on the dotted line.

First thing I’d say is, good decision. You’ve either got a lot of guts, a lot of devotion, or a lot of trust in God to be joining the U.S. 1,427 more words

Gospel In Action

March 22.18 ethot

Esther 1:17 (1-22) “For the queen’s conduct will become known to all the women causing them to look with contempt on their husbands by saying, ‘King Ahasuerus commanded Queen Vashti to be brought in to his presence, but she did not come… 387 more words


Prosperity in Purpose (Purpose 1.2.26)

Guiding Thought

Today we relax with confidence in the activity of our Inner Divine Mind. We allow it to express its true nature of all-sufficiency and all-supply in our life and affairs. 201 more words


March 21.18 ethot

Ezra 10:3 (1-44) “So now let us make a covenant with our God to put away all the wives and their children, according to the counsel of my lord and of those who tremble at the commandment of our God; and let it be done according to the law… 461 more words


March 20.18 ethot

Ezra 10:2 (1-44) “We have been unfaithful to our God and have married foreign women from the peoples of the land; yet now there is hope for Israel in spite of this… 402 more words


Back to Basics (Purpose 1.2.24)

Guiding Thought

Our Inner Divine Mind is always expressing itself in all ways through our Own Loving Presence. This is its True Nature, thus this is our True Nature. 695 more words


Mentally Diligent​

I can’t stress the importance of being aware of your mind and your actions when you are BiPolar. I’m not saying you can stop everything, but you can curb yourself from heading into a dark place. 166 more words