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April 13, 2017


     For at least three months (past), very rarely have I consciously made time to sit and write, leisurely… I’m cramm’in to take up space on the page… there’s a one page minimum rule I abide by…(self-imposed)… this particular evening, the guys and I have ventured to the river… some guys are fishing off an abandoned bridge, a few of the guys are out in the other direction fishing farther upstream. 325 more words

April 29.17 ethot

Psalm 59:12 (1-17) “Let them be caught in their pride,

What do you know better?

The story behind this Psalm is found in 1 Samuel 19:11-17. 540 more words


April 28.17 ethot

Amos 8:5 (1-14) “When will the new moon be over,

Why you go to church services?

Israel had become a very religious people. They observed all of the feasts and festivals, and they went to temple without fail. 538 more words


Are We Objective?

Few words are as challenging to apply than being objective. It is true the idea behind the objective can involve a goal, an aim or task to achieve. 160 more words


April 27.17 ethot

Amos 7:8 (1-17) “I will spare them no longer.

What are you guilty of now?

Why did Jesus tell Peter that there was no limit to how many times he had to forgive his brother in Christ, Yet, here in chapter seven God forgave Israel only twice? 593 more words


Do... or Do not.

My epidemiology professor includes this quote in a number of his class slides… and has succeeded in getting this wedged in my mind. Good thing though, because I have fallen into the “I’ll try” rut, time and again. 363 more words


April 26.17 ethot

Amos 7:17 (1-17) “I am not a prophet,

What’s your schedule look like today?

I guess you could say that things had gotten so morally bad in the northern tribes that God couldn’t find a prophet for them. 590 more words