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i think I want someone that will rejoice in my capability. My strength and my ability. I seek out people that want me helpless so they can take care of me, because I thought I wanted to be taken care of. 25 more words


1 Nephi 16: Using the Liahona to Guide you in your Mortal Journey

You can read 1 Nephi 16 here.

Just as Lehi and his family were on a journey through the wilderness to the promised land, each of us is on a journey through this mortal experience to live with God once again. 648 more words


We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams. 252 more words


March 4.15 ethot

Leviticus 1:2 (1-17) “When any man brings an offering to the Lord,

Whom do you believe?

This burnt offering was for sin in general. 660 more words


March 3.15 ethot

Job 42:4 (1-17) “I will ask You, and You will instruct me.

What is God teaching you?

At the end of this story we find that Jobs friends were wrong in assuming that he had sinned and that was why God was punishing him. 546 more words


March 2.15 ethot

Job 40:2 (40-41) “Will the fault finder contend with the Almighty?

What is humility?

In these next two chapters 40 and 41 God challenges Job as Job declines to accept. 496 more words