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Updates as some people knew I was being threatened by my stalker regarding me leaving NY

We all know Pet* is a loony tune attorney. He threatened on more that one occasion, I have 100 audio recordings over the years, how he has a gun, rifle and a taser and he’s gonna kill me (lol in your dreams) and my brother in law.

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A Good Mood

I have a lot to do including dropping packages and one is a special delivery!

Lots of calls done. Lots of plans and contingencies done. Some last 2 days out calls to make and a change of address. Writing here always;). 26 more words

A Good Mood

A long day

A lot done though, I was in dire need of

L ots needed from my web hosting company

O ne day I needed to stay home but wanted out… 49 more words


Website adjustments in a word or six

It finally is done properly

Google changes so damn often

These changes can take all day

Just now, with a rep half

But a nice difference… 61 more words

A Good Mood

Hard Work Pays Off: How to get Promoted

When you are a hard worker in any field that you are in, eventually it will pay off. The problem with most companies is their employees do the bare minimum required to get by, and complain about any additional tasks for the benefit of everyone. 169 more words

Following the Same Example

Following  the Same Example

Most people  are followers.     They want  to dress  in the latest fads  so they won’t feel out of place  —  take on the speech patterns  of the group  they want to associate with  —  have friends  who are popular  —  listen to the same music  as their friends,  etc.     456 more words