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Dillard: Exploring the Human Response

Dillard’s essays take place all over the world, from the Napo River in the Ecuadorian jungle to the Galapagos Islands. She provides a setting for her text and gives the reader the ability to see what she has, which contrasts greatly with Emerson and Montaigne’s abstract thoughts. 590 more words

Galapagos Heptagram

Galapagos Heptagram
July 2013
Michael Gollin


Ruin and death rule the Galapagos.
Animal vegetable land surf and sky.
Life begets life as everything flows. 1,407 more words


The interior life is often stupid

The interior life is often stupid. Its egoism blinds it and deafens it; its imagination spins out ignorant tales, fascinated. It fancies that the western wind blows on the Self, and leaves fall at the feet of the Self for a reason, and people are watching.

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Dear Teen Me

There is a “Dear Teen Me,” meme that I have not done, but if I were to do it now, I might invoke my young self to stop reading Vonnegut, to read maybe one book each by Nabokov, Auster, and Delillo but not read them obsessively, so that my own writing become paralyzed with self-consciousness. 348 more words


Elephants, Egrets and Eels

Smooth and slithery, swift and slimy. Neither fish nor snake, eels are mysterious animals.

Under a thousand feet of water, straining out the rays of the sun, away from human sight and human knowledge are the newly hatched eels. 889 more words

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