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Wandering in the Georgia and North Carolina Mountains

Before we bought our Titanium fifth wheel in 2006, we attended a rally of Titanium owners at the River Vista Mountain Village in Dillard, Georgia. We stayed in one of the cabins at the park and after meeting the owners and touring their fifth wheels, we made our decision to purchase a Titanium. 674 more words


A Materialistic Weasel

The book “Teaching a Stone to Talk,” by Anne Dillard, is a collection of essays she wrote; some published, and others not. All of the essays have themes pretty similar to each other just as Emerson ties in centralized themes into his writing pieces. 539 more words

The eclipse

Above, a NASA photo of the solar eclipse of August 21.

“The second before the sun went out we saw a wall of dark shadow come speeding at us. 174 more words


Writing Project Workshop: Revising and Editing for Rhetorical Effect

Rhetoric in an essay, we have seen, is not simply a matter of the product. Rather, writers build and develop the rhetoric–the ways that the essay organizes and focuses the attention of the reader–in the process of drafting, revising, editing their work. 278 more words


Into Hades and back: Dillard's 'Total Eclipse'

Those of us who love reading know the sense of exhilaration in coming across, for the first time, the work a writer who makes you feel, once again, the beauty of brilliance you were not fully aware of before. 954 more words


[Opinion] Was the HUD employee firing a glimpse of things to come for the HBCU community

Last week’s HBCU Fly-In saw the leaders of Historically Black Colleges and Universities meet with White House representatives in an attempt to develop a prosperous relationship for both parties.   376 more words