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Regency Palace Dim Sum

Today I’d love to share with you a quick post about Dim Sum… when looking for a great way to dine with a big (or small!) group of people, Dim Sum is awesome, because it’s just small bowls of three to four items (heavy on the shrimp, pork, and dough though…) all the same to share around the table. 183 more words

Downtown Calgary

Duck & Rice

Chinese food- the British staple. Ten pints in the local followed by a chicken chow mein and some bright red gloopy meat dish. Food we’ve all grown up on.  858 more words


honey flower mantou (steam bun) 花花世界花馒头

(makes 6)

200g cake flour (or bao flour)
7g lard (butter is ok)
30g honey
110g milk (depending on your country, if it is humid, you may need only 90-100g) 197 more words

Dim Sum

Touching the Heart

“A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.”

Benjamin Franklin


If there is one thing that really sums up the essence of Hong Kong it is the Cantonese favourite of… 3,892 more words


Jook Time

Decent selection, at a very affordable price! 113 more words

Hangry Birdz

The fastest dim sum there ever was

Ted and I went for Dim Sum today. We live two minutes away from China Town and so it’s not so much a question of when to get dim sum, but where is the best place to do so. 999 more words

Job Hunting

The Art of Dim Sum

This story of a beloved family-run dim sum shop in Hong King warms my heart, while simultaneously breaking it. The history, soul, and spirit Fat Kee… 189 more words