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Encounters with Terrestrial Aliens in the Outdoors

The most known aliens are the Greys, the Reptilians and the Mantis, Originally ufologists thought they were extraterrestrial visitors having a curious interest in the planet and the human species. 75 more words

Cosmic Beings


The distance between our lips
Lies within the intention of your heart
Oceans or miles apart
I have been waiting here from the start

How to get started with journalling

Most of the people around the world who have a calming presence, who seem to be able to tackle the big stuff without faltering, journal. 352 more words

Convert Kiloliters to Quarts and Cups to Milliliters

This video explains how to convert between volume in metric and customary units using unit fractions.


Convert Between Celsius and Fahrenheit Using an Equation

This video explains how to use an equation relating Celsius and Fahrenheit to find equivalent temperatures.