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(White) Shadow People

I have seen typical shadow people for years. I grew accustomed to having them in my presence a long time ago. I learned they like to communicate telepathically if one is open to listening. 675 more words

Pensions 2022 - but to whose benefit?

For years now, the Irish pension industry has been actively encouraging Government to take firm action against the ‘low levels’ at which Irish people have been saving for retirement. 925 more words

Feel my beat

Fall in love

Do it, do it

But this time

Do it with your eyes closed

Just like music

Feel my beat

Don’t see what isn’t meant to be


Expanding Eight layers of consciousness
Based on eight directional conditions
Enveloped in Eight of Supra consciousness
Blossoms into sixteen levels of Inner consciousness
Enveloped within the sixteen levels of subtle consciousness… 23 more words