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Finding Dimes

I’ve had unexplainable things happen to me all of my life. I won’t go into details because I don’t know what to make of much of it, only that I’ve seen, heard, and felt things that I can’t explain away through any reasonable means, as have many other logical people. 147 more words

A Treasure In Your Pocket

Have you ever thought that the change in your pocket could turn into a small treasure?

Take the lowly dime, for instance. Our Roosevelt dime, first issued in 1946 was made of silver up until 1964. 113 more words


Are You Flat Broke?...Then I Have Some Fun Activities You Can Do With Dimes

Unless you’re loaded with the Benjamin’s, it can be hard to have fun when your flat broke, when your broke your friends seem to avoid you,  they can sure let you know pretty quickly that you are boring when your broke and how you have totally failed them as a friend.   905 more words


1 = 1

If I had a dime
For each dime I have, then I’d
Have this many dimes


Coin Change Maker

Great vintage find by quinnismighty (15.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1zylIQG

Silver & Gold…Really?

So the question that I get asked quite a bit is, “Should I have gold and/or silver and how much?”

Great question! And for me it is an easy answer, but maybe for different reasons than you might think. 2,206 more words

Opinion & Observation

27 Dresses Stole My Life...

Except its only 2 dresses

and I liked my bridesmaids dresses

and it was the same brother getting married both times

ok so I guess the only thing they stole is my current age for their title… 802 more words