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Saving Money

Any of you ever go above and beyond to save money? Ya know, for a rainy day – aka – an emergency? 

Starting back in January, I decided to go ahead and try to save money. 171 more words


How Many Dimes?

How Many Dimes?
A woman has in change in her purse, made up entirely of dimes and quarters. Given that there are more quarters than dimes in her purse, what is the total number of dimes? 52 more words

Problem Solving

UN Speech: Inflationary Times


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Rob P discusses our inflationary times 126 more words

Dimes for Nickels

Dear United States of America,

Just wanted to let you know that I finally getting used to your money, yay! Have you ever thought about getting rid of $1 bills and replacing them with coins? 165 more words


A Bargain at Twice the Price OR The Price Is Right

Went to visit a friend and share a cup of coffee in a sleepy yet bustllng burb about 30 minutes north.  Can a town be sleepy and hopping at the same time?   284 more words

Triviana Fore

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation
I’m retired!!  It’s ALLLL vacation.

I received my WordPress email outlining my year.  I ignored it.  Last year I displayed my stats.  801 more words

That's Life

My Top 5 Magical Moments of 2014: Looking Back

I had many psychic and synchronized moments with clients in 2014:  some that even wowed me but I cannot share those so I will share my own in my life! 477 more words