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Why do "Reverse Phase" Dimmers work better than traditional "Forward Phase" Dimmers for LED Lighting?

Today, I thought we would talk about the difference between “traditional” Forward Phase Dimming and newer Reverse Phase Dimming technology.  Why is this important?  The answer is because of LED Lamps and Drivers (Driver is the electronics that runs the LED Lamps), which are now trying to be used and dimmed by everyone around the world.   686 more words


What is Global Dimming?

Conserve EnergyFutureBe Green. Stay GreenGlobal dimming is defined as the decrease in the amounts of solar radiation reaching the surface of the Earth. The by-product of… 918 more words

Climate Change

How Electrical Contractors can convince customers to change to LED lighting

There is an opportunity for electrical contractors to be educators about LED technology and good lighting practice. With “double-digit” increases in electricity costs, you will be the shining star with your customers by offering the savings gained with LED lighting. 873 more words

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Climate Engineering – Dangerous Proposal or Lethal Reality?

Source: ZenGardener.com, by Dane Wigington, 10/7/2014

In recent years there have been numerous scientists and scientific agencies discussing the challenges of global warming and suggesting ways to mitigate further warming from occurring. 273 more words

Killing Us Softly

A Simple Guide To Dimming LEDs

Unfortunately, dimming LEDs is not quite as simple as dimming halogens unless of course you have the LIFX bulb which is easily dimmable.


Not all dimmers will work with LEDs. 144 more words

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I saw but a silvery glimpse of her gliding through the crowd of people. I didn’t have a reason to follow her, nor did I even want to for any particular reason. 701 more words


On happy lips,

A loud cigarette

In smoky night.

She’s waiting

For somebody.

Yet beneath the mask

There’s a face –

Her performed smile,

It wears and fades… 22 more words