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Her dimples held every smile
worn on her lips

Dimple: A Birth ‘Defect’ left Untreated

I used to be so unhappy before now due to the fact that i didn’t have the cute and every smiling dimples, maybe because of the myth i used to hear then, that mothers could actually indent dimples on their kids cheeks. 456 more words


LIOG...Big Smile! 😁

I use to think my smile was incomplete if I didn’t have dimples. As a child I would stick my fingers in my cheeks hoping that I would instantly get dimples. 234 more words


K is the sweetest funniest most dependent little man. He is so cute with huge right dimple and his big fat thighs. He love love loves to eat food…all types of food. 91 more words

the bluejay song

dt bobbled down..said..

what on earth are you singing..

the bluejay song why..


its a metaphor..

youre dealing in metaphors..


well..its definitely a change from your usual bomb throwing style.. 204 more words