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I wear a mask

I wear a mask

It shows a smile

Hurting all the while,

I wear a mask to hide the scars,

From love lost and wishing on stars. 71 more words



The colors that swirled around people made the girl nauseous, pink, green, purple, yellow, any hue and shade that you could imagine. The effervescent colors that came off of the humans made the supernatural being dizzy at times.  344 more words



Salita ni K.C

Ipininta sa isip kung paano ka ngumiti

Sisilip ang dalawang tuldok sa iyong pisngi

Pupungay ang mata at ngingilid ang luha

Pero walang tunog ang iyong tawa… 99 more words


Little Things I Like


Blue ticked Whatsapp messages. It’s D-Day. Trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes and tying my braids back since it’s going to be a long day. 498 more words


Genetic mutation

It’s appearance turns my features crescent

My weakness contradiction,

It’s personified here

Inside and out

Lion hearted tenderness

And indentations perfecting smooth skin

My little coin slots in a sure to win Vegas lottery… 73 more words

Original Work

Yes, dimpleplasty is the latest plastic surgery trend

Meet Nicole Joka. She is an extroverted Rhodes University student with a zest for life. She is a dancer, part-time musician and performer. An avid traveller, the big city young woman is a natural born socialite and she has seen everything. 592 more words

This personal trainer's trick proves that cellulite-free Instagram photos aren't realistic

It’s easy to understand why so many women believe that cellulite isn’t part of a natural or “fit” body. Given the images in advertising and on Instagram, one could easily assume that models and fitness gurus simply don’t possess butt dimples (which is what I’ve started calling my own cellulite in my latest rebranding attempt). 203 more words