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Dimples: Advertising’s Secret Weapon

I’m fighting an unreasonable urge to purchase a used car with my Capital One Venture Card. Unreasonable because I have a perfectly fine used car (since it’s a 2003 model it’s probably more used than most) and I’ve funneled the majority of my credit card purchases to my Ally one because their rewards program is simple – cash back. 359 more words


I don’t even know when it all started…
What was first, your winsome smile, or that constant posing,Or the way you folded those sleeves or that crazy dance of yours? 134 more words


Monday Musings about Dimples...

So many people in my family have dimples.  I mean, so many that we’ve taken pictures of all the “dimpled” kids in a group at holidays.    160 more words

Monday Musings

Sky dive from walls we built.

Dimples make you 30% more attractive.

It’s a fact.

Another fact…

It’s also an actual deformity of the facial structure.

A lesser known fact that we ignore though, is that we see no other deformity in the same manner. 696 more words


John Lee Hooker - The Best of John Lee Hooker - Classic Music Review

Over the years, my music collection has grown into a completely unmanageable mess, especially since I started the blog. Those of you who regularly read my stuff know that I listen to each album three times without distraction, then listen to it again as I write. 5,856 more words

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