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'Street Fighter V' Review

Platforms PS4 / PC

Publisher Capcom Developers Capcom, Dimps

Genre Fighter Platform Played PlayStation 4

Capcom, the company that brought us massive hits in the 1990’s such as… 1,245 more words


Sonic Advance 2 Coming To Japanese Wii U Virtual Console

The second installment in the Sonic Advance trilogy is making its way to the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan this week. One year ago, the original Sonic Advance came to Japan’s Wii U Virtual Console with still no word on an international release. 52 more words

Wooderon Games of the Year 2015: #7

I am always willing to give Nintendo a chance, and will sing their praises at every opportunity. That being said, even I’m going to struggle to see them much more on this list as we arrive at number seven. 591 more words


We Want to Play Street Fighter 5 Now: Here's the Character Reveal Trailer

The Rundown: The fifth numbered game in the hugely popular fighting game from Capcom, Street Fighter 5 will feature 16 characters at launch, including four new ones, though more will be released during the game’s first year. 490 more words

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Saint Seiya

The 12 Gold Saints are coming back to burn their cosmos with outstanding graphics, solid gameplay, characters from the whole series… and so much more to discover! 9 more words


Dragon Ball Xenoverse Review

Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360

Developer: Dimps

Publisher: Bandai Namco Games

It’s Thursday and I’m back with another review! This time it’s Dragon Ball XenoVerse (XV)! 1,045 more words

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Freedom Wars - Quick Reviews

Who says the Vita doesn’t have good games? Try checking this game where you can tear apart giant robotic monster thingies!

Video Game Review