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What I Thought: Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Platforms PC, PS4, XBO, PS3, 360 Developer Dimps Publisher Bandai Namco Games Version Played PC

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a 3D fighting game that is part of the Dragon Ball universe and is kind of a spiritual successor to Dragon Ball Online. 2,465 more words

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If you are told nothing, yet deserve something, surely courtesy itself is expected at your door? All scribbled inside & closeted, a bare reminder or at the very least a shadowy sentence from friends, to simply stop the silence from being too loud? 105 more words



Ticklingly bent in the middle

Softer than downy delight.

Creamy & forcibly proper

Tempered by 2nd hand sight.

Attempting to maintain my balance

Struggling to readjust my aim… 39 more words



Don’t ever expect me to never say I’m right, Made too many mistakes to deserve that despite

The cold dark chill that warms my heart, is bright as thunder and twice as loud as I sit and ponder, empty yet proud. 117 more words


'Pleasure & Pain’

So, you thought you might want to go to the show? That sickly moment of clarity that defines the morning & shades the evening in cotton wool yearning and huge slice of doubt. 92 more words



Seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t know about Dragonball Z at this point? The manga series by Akira Toriyama was a monster hit in Japan, and managed to become a colossal success in the West, helping to inspire Anime’s rise in popularity in the late 90s. 1,288 more words

Review: Dragonball XenoVerse

The fifteenth installment in the Dragonball gaming franchise, Dragonball XenoVerse, has to be one of the best.