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Outboard Pad or Transom Reinforcement?

After glassing the inside and outside of the stern transom on Sea Minor I noticed the plywood (6mm ocoume) stiffened up a good bit. However, there was a vertical crack right in the middle at the top, and that was not really repaired with the glass plies on either side. 284 more words

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Fixing up Changes in Lauderdale Marine Center

Changes has now been in salt water for almost two years and traveled 6650 nautical miles. She has been used every day for two years except for 5 months when we were back in Ohio. 792 more words

SV Changes

More Dinghy Progress

Little steps that are nevertheless important get me closer to actually looking like I’ve made real progress. Real progress looks like new paint and varnish, rubrails covered with firehose, etc. 147 more words

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Snap Chat. Same shot, different perspective

One summer, while walking along the Brittany shore I spotted a dinghy with its anchor exposed by the washed out tide. The anchor was old, textured and corroded. 117 more words


Inside Transoms Glassed

I finished the very little bit of paint removal required to glass the inside of the transoms, vacuumed the surfaces, and wiped down with acetone. With surfaces ready, I mixed my epoxy and painted the bare wood with resin so that the glass fabric would stick to the resin on the upright-angled surfaces. 135 more words

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Travels in a Small Dinghy

Arriving back from the washrooms this morning, I discovered John at the end of the boat rapidly disappearing behind the dinghy he was busily inflating. Dinghy trial today, I thought. 321 more words

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