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New Era

(a note from the Viking Skipper)

I recall going with my Dad, in 1979, down to the local Ministry of Transportation office on the occasion of my 16th birthday to get my first driver’s license. 249 more words

Sailing in Circles

Someone asked me the other day where I was sailing to.  This was a comment after seeing a picture out of the window of Star.  I found it funny that someone assumed that I was going somewhere, just because I’m on a boat.   2,116 more words


Getting the hull panels on and trimming them up.

Once I got into the swing of putting on the hull panels it, it became easier to get them into the correct position and start to put them on. 151 more words

Boat Restoration

Getting the hull panels back on and other jobs

Getting the hull panels on was fun inasmuch as getting the cramps to hold the panels in place while trying to glue and screw them into position by yourself meant that that you needed more hands and to be more like an octopus. 83 more words

Boat Restoration

Restoring a classic Enterprise dinghy is a lot of fun and can be costly too.

I was given an Enterprise dinghy in 2008 and for a couple of years I sailed it around my local area on sea and on a local lake.Then as time when on the boat started to show her age and it was decided to take the bold step to do a major restoration of the boat. 173 more words

Boat Restoration

Up and coming events for NQSA members

Dear NQSA member,
Please find attached information relating to the Sail Airlie 2015 sailing
event to be held over the Easter weekend 3-5 April 2015. 81 more words