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Preparing for the Great Loop 2018

We are in the final stages of preparation for the Great Loop beginning the first week of January 2018


Rescued at the Breakwater - Inflatable dinghy

I spotted a small inflatable boat while taking photographs on the breakwater. At first I thought that someone may be diving, but could not see any diving flags. 207 more words

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Large, small, Yellow.

Its an odd thing when i think back to my maxi-yacht days but the one boat that i did a huge amount of my sea miles on and worked on/struggled with was possibly just about the worst sail boat that i ever had anything to do with.   691 more words



While i am thinking actively about the pro’s of owning and running a smaller sailing boat for a while it would only work best if i can meet some specific pre-conditions such as keeping the boat at home so last night i did the opposite process and had a think about the arguments against Dinghy’s as cruising boats. 1,421 more words

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Cruising the Abacos - With The Moorings

Let me introduce you to the Abacos, Bahamas

So you may be familiar by now with our “love” for crowded events in Florida… Well, this is with no surprise that we decided to go on a short escape for the 4th of July! 2,317 more words


Smiling again at the five boys' adventure!

It’s just over a year since we discovered the Underfall Yard and the Baltic Wharf in Bristol… here is a true story from last year… I’ve laughed again reading it though!! 645 more words

Bits And Pieces


Here is the first round of contenders for a cruising dnghy/multi-purpose boat.

Firstly the obvious one : the Wayfarer.

To me the Wayfarer is synonymous with 2 things : sailing schools and dinghy cruising, i suspect that a lot of UK sailors got their first experiences of sailing in a Wayfarer as they are a big and stable boat.   979 more words

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