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Dinghy resting on the sand

A dinghy resting on the sand.

My fourth collage many moons since the last one.  When Tx and I went sailing, we had a yellow dinghy.   23 more words


Inflatable pontoon | Small outboards for sale

First off, this post is very long.   If you have NO attention span when it comes to long posts without pictures, hit your back button now…. 377 more words

Inflatable kayak | Trailer dolly | Wheel dolly

You may be wondering – are inflatable kayaks any good? Are inflatable kayaks durable? There used to be a huge gap in quality and features between inflatable kayaks and hard-shell kayaks, but this is no longer the case.  342 more words

Electric trolling motor | Small outboards for sale

Fishing is an exciting hobby that millions of people enjoy. Trolling motors are used to enhance one’s fishing experience. To get the best electric trolling motor… 251 more words

Our first sailing video

Well, technically it isn’t us sailing but it is definitely sailing inspired.

We’ve been binge-watching sailing videos every day since we started on this crazy journey. 334 more words

Breaking The Mould

Sneak Peek: Where The Better Things Are


Kisses. That is what my then four year old daughter, Aseel, said to me the day my husband was killed by the Islamic State. She should have been the weakest. 715 more words

Short Stories



On Tuesday 6th January 1981 I got up when it was still dark and my sister Tig cooked me mushrooms and bacon for breakfast; there would be no more meat on that day, for reasons that will become apparent. 707 more words

Local History