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Noisy Restaurants

Twice in one day recently I was in restaurants (once for breakfast, and once for dinner), in each case as part of a relatively small group.  270 more words

Around Melbourne

Domaine Chandon

We had lunch while in the Yarra Valley at the Brassiere at Domaine Chandon.   We’ve visited it in the past, and my recollection of it was that it was good, but on this occasion, it exceeded even my expectations. 140 more words

Around Victoria

The Dandenongs

When I was very young, my grandparents sometimes had a day “out” in the Dandenongs, and it seems that the custom still exists. When coming home from the Yarra Valley, we took a slight diversion through the Dandenongs, and were interested to observe that we were in good company.   198 more words

Around Victoria


We spent a couple of hours looking around Healesville. There seem to be more coffee shops than I’d remembered (or is it just that they’ve increased the amount of pavement seating?).    73 more words

Around Victoria

Yarra Valley

We’re spending a couple of nights in the Yarra Valley. On this occasion, our accommodation is at the RACV resort at Healesville.  In theory, this is for Club members only, but if you aren’t a Club member (we’re not), you can be “sponsored” as a guest (although you pay a bit more for the room). 179 more words

Around Victoria

Canberra "urban renewal"

I noticed a report that a glut of office space seems to be developing in Canberra.   Is this glut being helped along by the extension of Canberra’s “coffee culture” into Braddon (just north of Civic)?    111 more words

Dining And Restaurants


We originally planned to stay for one night at Metung, but after a long drive from Bateman’s Bay, and finding the room at Metung very pleasant (even if the view wasn’t quite up to expectations), we extended our stopover to two nights.  173 more words

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