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Landing whoppers down at Woodman

I  RARELY return to an eatery I’ve reviewed, but the Woodman Point Cafe has been a regular haunt since “discovering” it four years ago.

Going out on a limb I’m going to say the best fish and chips aren’t in Fremantle, but at this small eatery set amid acres of bitumen across the road from the Cockburn Power Boat Club. 318 more words

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Taste scentsation

CHEFS can be tetchy creatures so it’s a testament to Olivier Collas and Franck Gire that they are not only life partners of 33 years, but work together in the pressure cooker of their patisserie Scents of Taste in Mt Lawley six days a week. 386 more words

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Ipoh: I love

DURIAN is banned in hotels throughout Malaysia – and never, ever leave one in the car on a hot day, because the smell is so bad it could be used in chemical warfare. 281 more words

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Ramen for the purists

MY PHILISTINIC love for instant ramen would make connoisseurs of the Japanese noodle broth cringe, so I worried the experimental flavours of Ramen Lab in Mount Lawley might be wasted on my MSG-reliant palate. 419 more words

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Have you been to A Fish Called Inglewood lately?

Did you hear what The Urban List said about Perth’s Best Seafood Platters? “The seafood platter at A Fish Called Inglewood may just be one of Perth’s best.” 209 more words

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Unleashing the dog

JULES the “hot dog man” made his debut selling his tube steaks outside Mojo’s every weekend, and many fans would remember his boast back then about one day being “bigger than McDonald’s”. 558 more words

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Hold the starch

A BLOODY great rusty engine takes pride of place in the alfresco area of the Old Laundry on Angove Street, North Perth.

Apparently it was too difficult to remove so it stayed. 322 more words

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