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South of the border

REALLY good eateries are popping up in the most unexpected places.

Who would expect to find a high-end chef, more at home in swish international restaurants, in the semi-industrial hinterlands of South Freo. 331 more words

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A hidden bijou

APOLOGIES to my mate Stewart for spilling the beans on his favourite cafe, but he did repeatedly brag to me at the dog park about how good DeBretton and Bennet was. 381 more words

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Freo’s big night

LAST year there was dancing in the street…what will this year hold?

High Street will be filled with 800 diners on November 30 for the Fremantle Long Table Dinner. 233 more words

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Selfless helpers

MORE than 100 people have volunteered to help at this year’s Long Table Dinner.

Whether it’s waitstaff, kitchen-hands, or muscle to set up the tables, there’s a whole host of willing bodies ready to do their part to support St Pat’s major annual fundraiser. 353 more words

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A yummy farewell

THE father-in-law and I were enjoying an alfresco lunch at Sayers Sister in Northbridge, before he heads back to the unforgiving British winter.

The temperature was a perfect 34 degrees, as we sipped a carrot, pineapple and orange juice ($8). 360 more words

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cafelumos a valley favourite for over 7 years!

cafelumos has been delighting diners for over 7 years now with its delicious food, fabulous Toby’s Estate coffee and gourmet catering. This much-loved Valley destination is always a popular spot for all-day breakfast and lunch with lots of healthy and tasty fare on offer. 243 more words

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Feast for the eyes

WATCHING Freo’s colourful cast of characters pass by Il Cibo on Market Street is almost as enjoyable as the food itself.

From the well-heeled to the down-at-heel, there’s plenty to see, and more than a few to wonder, “what they were thinking going out dressed like that?” 349 more words

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