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Pasta perfection

GLANCE down the laneway just up from Kakulas Brothers on William Street and chances are the tables outside Francoforte are full.

Lucky for us we were early and there were a few inside tables available; laneways are wonderfully atmospheric but this is Perth’s coldest winter this century. 377 more words

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A walk on the wild side

YOU’D be hard-pressed to spot a big game hunter in the placid streets of Bicton, but the call of the wild attracts people to Zebra’s steakhouse on Point Walter Road. 385 more words

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Taste Sensation

Pancake Talk has been delighting diners since it opened over 6 years ago now. Serving pancakes, crepes and waffles in the French style, Pancake Talk makes all batters from scratch, using real ingredients, not pre-mixed powders. 139 more words

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Just soooo cool

MIST swirled from a bank of industrial mixing machines as our ice cream froze before our eyes.

Welcome to the wonderful world of creamy liquid nitrogen gelato at Ibiza N2 in Mt Lawley. 373 more words

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Sayers fits Leedy like a comfy pair of slippers

S AYERS doesn’t do table service, a polite waitress informed me, but after finding out I was just after a pre-lunch coffee, it turned out not to be a hard and fast rule. 360 more words

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Fresh and local

THE capsicum with my Szechuan fish was so fresh I’m sure other diners could hear the crunch as I bit into it, but a quick glance showed they were too busy hoeing into their own lunch to care. 324 more words

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Majestic Himalayas

Scale the heights of the Himalayas without leaving the country. Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant and Cafe introduces the unique tastes of this magnificent region in 3 handy locations – Inglewood, Vic Park and Mosman Park. 252 more words

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