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A chic babe

I’VE wanted to try Vin & Oli ever since I first walked past it. Its big, beautiful windows allow a tempting view into what looks like an upmarket but relaxed wine bar and restaurant. 465 more words

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A family affair

“I  CAN’T tell you how good this is,” my companion mumbled. Which wasn’t very helpful given this was a review of Mt Lawley restaurant Three Coins. 320 more words

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The day I was forced back to reality

You’re not a writer yet, Taylare. You’re an intern. And intern’s have to do data entry. Yep, data entry. The kind of work that eats your soul and taunts your creativity making you think you’ll never experience #AllOfTheLOLS again. 92 more words

The day I learned it's not all about the recognition

Having your name by an article published online is cool. But contributing to something important that helps shape a brand’s image is better. Working at a smaller publication means your work is so much more appreciated and your contributions make a difference in terms of how quickly a new venture or part of the website can be launched. 57 more words

Burn baby burn

A CRUSTY black bun holds together Chimek’s staple burger.

It looks burnt, I think.

I almost expect a mouthful of ash biting into the month-old eatery’s “famous” charcoal beef burger ($10). 313 more words

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Here is a collection of memorable food experiences I had on Kauai, the Big Island and Oahu. You should check them out.


You’ll be wonton more

IT was one of those miserable winter days, where black clouds hung over the city like a bull’s scrotum.

In need of a gastronomic cuddle, my buddy recommended we head to Viet Hoa, a restaurant he’d frequented for 20 years after first visiting with his mother in the days of grunge and AltaVista. 382 more words

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