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Rocking Applecross

THIS new kid on the block rocks!

Nic & Kolo in Applecross has only been open for two months and it’s already drawing big crowds. 475 more words

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Fresh WA produce ‘The Star’ at C15

C15 Espresso’s new restaurant at ‘The Precinct’ 19 Ogilvie Road, Mt Pleasant welcomes back chef, Christopher Byrom-Carter.

Chris has been busy over the past four years. 411 more words

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So good you’ll pinch yourself

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote this review, unaware at the time of Pincho’s looming expansion. They’ve just opened the new section, which takes over the corner of Oxford and Newcastle Streets and is a welcome addition more in keeping with Leedy atmosphere than the run-down Subway. 455 more words

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You’ll Never Seafood Better!

A fun and funky fish cafe offering the freshest seafood at family friendly prices, A Fish Called Inglewood (AFCI) has been going strong for almost two years now. 281 more words

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Sharing a winter warm-up at Il Cibo

NOBODY was sitting outside Il Cibo on a bone-chilling morning, but there were plenty of commuters pouring in from the train station for their morning take-away coffee fix. 394 more words

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Cooking with an 80-watt smile

SLURPING noises from contented diners and a babble of Chinese conversation; my companion and I could have been in downtown Beijing or any number of Asian cities. 336 more words

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Little Lefroy lovers

IT was third time lucky as a work colleague and I looked for somewhere for lunch.

The first place was too trendy, the decor too-cool-for-school for comfort and the menu choices too try-hard trendy and limited. 335 more words

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