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Come on in

THE HORROR! We were only five minutes into our meal when I accidentally spilt a freshly poured pint over my friend Belinda; she ended up saturated from top to bottom with my icy cold brew. 395 more words

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Teenage kicks

SUSHI entered my culinary consciousness when I was about fifteen and in the throes of teenage angst.

Everything and everyone seemed mundane and as I searched for creative ways to express my individuality, I found solace at Go Sushi while my friends headed off to gorge on big macs and chicken nuggets. 346 more words

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It’s good to share

POLENTA chips defy logic, and you have to wonder why restaurants put them on the menu, though they make some sense soaking up alcohol at a boozer. 350 more words

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The food cycle

I’D just finished a photo shoot with someone whose job it is to know North Perth inside-out, so I figured I’d go pre-Millennial and make her my real-life Google: “Point me to the best cafe in town”. 367 more words

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Garfield loves beetroot

THE last time I went to Juicy Beetroot I was a poor student.

I would go there with my friends after class, just before the vegetarian cafe closed, and nab a half-price curry. 368 more words

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Remembrance of momos past...

HUNGER, laziness and boredom were the lethal trifecta which compelled me to seek culinary advice from the Google Gods last week.

In a last ditch attempt to breathe life into an uneventful Thursday evening, I desperately typed “restaurants near me”. 396 more words

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Paste the difference

LOOKING like something out of Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters, a whole fish curled around the plate and gave us a baleful eye.

Undeterred by the gaze, we tucked into the sweet flesh and wonderfully crispy skin of the garlic and black pepper barramundi ($28.50), perched on a bed of green salad and chargrilled vegetables. 245 more words

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