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Reclaim the sausage

IN this post-gender age, the sausage has become a phallic throwback to simpler times—when men were Paul Hogan and women were Linda Kozlowski.

I’m proud to embrace its naivety and Run Amuk is one of the best purveyors of sausage in town. 441 more words

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Pizza diaries

MY roommate and I are bachelors and we’re feeling a bit down, so we decided to do a Bridget Jones and stuff our faces at Mack Daddy’s New York Slice. 282 more words

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Bonzer brekkie

THE great coffee wasn’t the only thing giving Kylie and I a buzz during our early morning stop at Port City Roasters.

The impressive service at the busy South Fremantle eatery kept us humming all day as we told coworkers, friends and family about the good manners and attentiveness of the young waitress who looked after us. 353 more words

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Plenty of choice

ACCORDING to the Chinese horoscope my beloved and I are rabbits.

But even we are getting sick of munching on limp salad after limp salad in Perth cafes. 287 more words

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Currying favour

HOW many Indian restaurants does South Fremantle need?

Apparently, like D’Angerous Dave and guitars, the answer is “one more”.

A couple of Indian eateries have opened at 306 South Terrace in recent times, but they soon closed after failing to lure customers away from local stalwarts Copper Chimney and Saroor. 297 more words

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Peace begins on your plate


Freo’s latest vegan cafe has just opened its doors on Blinco Street. Following on from the smashing success of the first Loving Hut cafe in Victoria Park, opening a second location and Fremantle seemed a natural choice. 183 more words

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Play it again, mum

THERE are two things Perth’s restaurant scene lacks—authentic Moroccan cuisine and affordable BYO joints.

That’s why Mashawi in Mt Lawley is such a Godsend, because it ticks both boxes. 265 more words

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