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Rustic and real

VOICE snapper Matthew Dwyer has a great eye for a photo, but no node of location, so despite giving him directions as I searched for parking I still arrived well ahead of him for our lunch. 333 more words

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IT was a cold, windy evening on the outskirts of Fremantle. It had been a long day. My legs were aching, my stomach rumbling and my eyes drooping. 579 more words

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Sassy Sicilian

THERE’S no pasta, no pizza and — some will sigh, sadly — no horse head on the menu at No Mafia in Northbridge.

The mafia may enjoy Hollywood-like notoriety outside Italy but the Cosa Nostra is very much on the nose back in the old country of Sicily, with “no mafia” signs bravely sprouting on businesses. 349 more words

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Naturally light meals

IT’S not everyday you get to enjoy an organic fair-trade coffee and munch on home-baked goods while getting a passport photo taken and learning how to use Photoshop. 432 more words

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Terrific on the Terrace

PUBLIC HOUSE is the newest addition to Adelaide Terrace, combining a modern setting with a casual atmosphere.

Movies projected onto the outdoor wall can be viewed from the decking area, while inside, animal heads pop out quirkily from the walls. 314 more words

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Soup for you

DAVID KANE serves fast food, with a twist—and sometimes a splash of tawny port.

Clear any mental images of greasy, fried chips and battered meat because we’re talking about healthy fast food (surely that’s an oxymoron, right?). 321 more words

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Baby makes my buds dance

SOUTH AFRICAN food had never caught my eye while I was living in Europe; chakalaka sounded more like a tribal dance than anything and I had no idea of what a malva pudding was. 437 more words

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