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Thai favourite

ON a Wednesday lunch time you’ll find the D’Angers in Kings Square, where some of the best and cheapest Thai food is whipped up in a “tent” emblazoned with Praw Thai. 320 more words

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Magnificent seven

A  VEGETARIAN, a vegan, three carnivores, and a couple of pescatarians were going out for a meal, but couldn’t agree on where.

The ordinarily gentle vegan/veggos arced up at the idea of a gourmet hotdog joint, and the meat eaters were apoplectic at the thought of some raw veggies. 333 more words

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Steak therapy

I  THINK only the Dockers were feeling bluer and looking more shambolic than me a few weekends ago.

We’d just moved house and got a pre-dawn visit from the local robbers while we slept, exhausted. 473 more words

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Not a raw deal

THIS is Pulp Fiction $5 banana milkshake good,” says D’Angerous Dave, as he struggled to exhume the sugary mix with his straw.

“One of the best I’ve ever had.” 351 more words

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A meal you can’t refuse

GETTING to taste a couple of wines before deciding which one you want?

Now that’s service with a very big smile from the staff at No Mafia. 331 more words

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What a lovely pear

THE D’Angermobile screeched to a halt outside what I reckon is our latest “find” — Pear Tree Pizzeria in Hamilton Hill.

We’d been en route elsewhere, but the restaurant’s gorgeous partridge in a pear tree mural grabbed our attention. 367 more words

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Seoul food

I  HAVE a crushing sense of regret about my time spent in South Korea.

I flew to Seoul a few days after my 18th birthday and I remember the chaotic city harried my senses with its neon signs and overpopulation. 288 more words

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