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Not a raw deal

When I decided in July to write an article about Fremantle’s best sushi  joints, it soon dawned on me that that the cuisine was best enjoyed outside of winter. 495 more words

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Eating at your desk

THE quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog,” comes to mind every time I see an old fashioned typewriter.

My girls-only class in high school was deemed typing-pool fodder and we hammered out the sentence repeatedly to improve our speed. 278 more words

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Blown away

AFTER a torrential downpour last Friday morning there was a half day of warming sunshine which started around lunchtime.

Thankfully so, as I’d much prefer to sit out in the Tradewinds’ stunning alfresco area taking in its breathtaking harbour views than being inside – although the interior is equally impressive. 311 more words

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Getting Nood

MY eastern states visitor came back from a jaunt to Leederville raving about Nood Cafe, so I figured I should check it out for myself. 320 more words

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Bottega reboot

THE Chook’s got an unwritten rule about having a decent gap before restaurants can be re-reviewed, which stops us from hammering favourite eateries within 100 metres of the front door. 434 more words

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Flavours of the World

Sri-Lankan born Devinda Jayasinghe grew up in Perth, spending much of his childhood around the South-East Asian restaurants run by his parents. During his 10-year finance career, the urge to open his own restaurant never went away. 282 more words

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Perils of Pauline

PAULINE HANSON’S latest thought bubble of shunting autistic kids into “special” classes earned a dunce’s hat, but I still feel bad for the Paddo after its shin-kicking from supposed friends for hosting a meet-and-greet with the controversial Queensland senator in March. 463 more words

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