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The Elvis

by Emily Brother ’19
Elvis Presley was famous for many reasons including his odd affinity for Fool’s Gold Sandwiches. This sandwich was originally made from a piece of French bread that is coated in butter, baked, and hollowed out. 115 more words

D-Hall Hacks

VOTE HERE: 2nd Annual Dining Hall Hack Competition

Below are our best submissions to the second annual dining hall hack competition.  Until Friday, November 20th, vote here for your favorite entry! The winner will get to pick a recipe off the blog to be made and delivered to their dorm after Thanksgiving break. 243 more words


I've Never Been Anyone's "Best Customer"... Until Now!

My campus doesn’t offer many dining options. After the dining hall closes at 9PM, your options are pretty much limited to Rutgers take-out (which is exceptionally unhealthy), Burger King (no thanks), Szechwan Ichiban (meh), or Moe’s (mmm). 216 more words


The Banana Conundrum: A Critical Study of Wheaton Dining

There are many things I miss about college. Since I graduated last May I’ve made numerous adjustments to my everyday life. One big change is that I no longer see my best friends every second of every day, which is unfortunate because I seem to have become incapable of monitoring the information I share with them, and my text histories often read something like this: 1,789 more words

To Compliment a Stranger Just Because

Words are powerful. Particularly when spoken from the heart of a total stranger. In the form of compliments, they invigorate and inspire us to live our lives in meaningful ways. 547 more words

My Strangest Stories

What's Going On with Peirce?

Peirce Hall. Via Twitter.

Paying for Peirce is required. There is no optional meal plan, which is a boon for some students and a burden for others. 819 more words