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Podcast Update

My podcast is focused around the nutrition and diet of the average college student and what the dining halls and other food joints provide as options. 332 more words

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How to make the most of your college meal plan

Whether you’ve got meal swipes and a buffet-style dining hall, some form of meal-plan money and a pay-by-weight system (or something different altogether,) we all know the struggles a college meal plan can cause. 638 more words


The best colleges in each state based on dining hall food

College and food are two pretty important things in life. For all of you high school seniors out there debating where to go to school, worry no more. 4,032 more words


The Easiest, Healthiest Dining Hall Hacks Ever

A lot of colleges have a main dining hall that you enter with a swipe, essentially giving you an all-access pass to all kinds of food as long as you’re in the building. 134 more words


College Ave Bro "Discovers" Livi Burger Bar

BY Grind All
Resident College Ave Bitch

PISCATAWAY—On Monday, October 10, Rutgers senior Christopher Columbo ventured to Livingston Campus to meet up with a fellow Alpha Delta bro for some basketball at the Livingston gym. 495 more words

Rutgers University

Kayla Hansen's view of RITUAL PRACTICES: Dining Hall Trays

When we started talking about patting the Wildcat’s nose after the pep rally in class, I immediately thought about the things that we learned as freshmen that people just didn’t do. 242 more words


Life Update!

Hey everyone! Since the last time I posted, I have officially become a Blue Hen (complete with cool, yet slightly culty, induction ceremony)!

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, but college has been keeping’ me pretty busy. 384 more words

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