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Day 53

There’s potential that I went on a date today–I’m not sure if it was a date or not (I would like to think so but who even knows these days) but either way I got to go to Cracker Barrel, so I’d call it a success. 477 more words

Dining Hall Doom

by Allie Tsuchiya

It’s such an amazing feeling when you find lyrics that speak to your goddamn soul. When Joe Strummer of The Clash cooed, “ 470 more words

Life & Other Drugs

Friend in the Dining hall

This group, I didn’t interact with at all. I just listened.

The were three people sitting behind me in the dining hall the other day. Two girls and a guy. 128 more words

Dine Like A Refugee

Everyone gets a ton emails everyday that they may or may not look at. Junk emails fill up your inbox and make it difficult to find your important mail. 281 more words

Eating healthy in a college dining hall -- how I do it

While many colleges and universities have upped their health food game, it can still be hard to choose and eat the right things in your dining hall. 541 more words


Great American Novel Guy

Do you ever try to imagine the hidden lives of strangers?

I can’t help but look at people in airports, at a coffee shop, or on the street and create possible circumstances and struggles and priorities for them in my mind. 448 more words


Sandwich Lad

In this year since I graduated from Grinnell College, I have been hoping that a current Grinnell College student would take up the Dining-Hall-Reviewing reigns. I had been making tentative plans with a rising second year over the summer, but it fell through. 60 more words