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Apple Pie Oatmeal

What’s more fitting for a first post than a recipe for the first meal of the day? This is a breakfast that I eat frequently, often making small variations depending on what I’m in the mood for. 225 more words

Healthy College Meals

Students thank Dining Services with flowers

4/20/2013 – Seniors Rachel Rubin and Alyssa Wohl brought hand-made tissue paper flowers to the workers at the Dewick-MacPhie dining hall yesterday in an effort to say ‘thank you’ and demonstrate the student body’s collective appreciation 153 more words

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Freshmen Fifteen


Before heading to college I, like every other incoming freshmen was told horror stories about the dreaded “Freshmen Fifteen”. Girls shudder at the thought, guys groan at the mention and I, like many others swore up, down, and sideways that I wouldn’t fall into the trap. 311 more words


Questions for the Dining Hall, and other Disappointments

1. If you know that everyone likes bananas and cookies, why don’t you put out more bananas and cookies? It’s like Sparta out here

2. No, I don’t want doritoes on my macoroni and cheese – who would want that? 153 more words

Guest meals

I’m always thankful for when an undergrad friend offers a guest meal for us to spend time together. Today I had an exceptionally good meal with a fish taco, sauteed vegetables, and tater tots. 37 more words

Dining Hall Cheats

Eating at the dining hall everyday can get old. By this time in the year you probably have just about had it with the same thing everyday. 317 more words

Dorm food -- Penn State edition!

Out here in State College you probably wouldn’t expect to find a wide variety of dining options, but in the Pollock Commons on Penn State’s campus, they actually had a relatively good selection and some Paleo options as well. 25 more words