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I Sure Hope I'm Hungry...

I had breakfast this morning at the Au Bon Pain in Kern Building, a fairly unremarkable way to start a Monday—or a brand new semester for that matter. 206 more words

The Penn Stater Magazine

The Dining Hall Chef

Keya Tollossa, a 2015 AARO Leader and a senior studying management, shares some ways you can be creative in SMU’s dining halls.

As the sixth week of your first semester come to a close, the daze that has allowed you to romanticize the idea of going to one of SMU’s dining hall has started to drastically diminish. 357 more words


Best Food in Japan in 1964? The Olympic Village

Arguably, the best food in Asia is Japan. High, medium or low-end, Japan eats are hard to beat. Even American fast food in Japan tastes better than the original in the US. 350 more words


Elephant in the Room: Eating Alone

My roommate is out for the night. Most of my friends are busy. Hodgdon is closed. I need food. What does that mean? I have to eat at the cafeteria. 770 more words


36 of the best college dining halls in North America

Corrections and clarifications: A previous version of this article misrepresented the locations of  the dining halls featured. 

It’s officially spring again. That means, thousands and thousands of high school seniors are deciding where to go to school for the next four years. 2,578 more words


A Somewhat Atypical Day in the Life of Another Barnard Student

Here’s a glimpse of my Wednesday last week. Most of my Wednesdays are spent in Altschul (the science building), but last week was a little different. 639 more words

Barnard Chatter

Another Day In the Life

Hello friends! I’m writing this post during a Sunday night study break in the depths of Butler Library, Columbia’s main library. After a restful weekend (yay sleep!), I’m spending this night finishing up the homework I told myself I’d finish this weekend and preparing for the week ahead. 715 more words

Barnard Chatter