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Ungrateful Twat Complaining About Dining Hall Food

Mosher-Jordan Hall – Shaking their heads in disbelief, students eating at the MoJo dining hall Wednesday told reporters that ignorant, privileged freshman Katerina Elias was complaining about the quality of perfectly nutritious, readily available dining hall food despite her awareness of people in this world who are literally starving.   110 more words


Rice Crispy Treats

One of the ultimate snack foods for me growing up was the rice crispy treat. The delicious crackle of the beloved cereal combined with the gooey pull of sweet marshmallow was a staple of my childhood. 244 more words

Budget Dinner

Only in China

Is it still possible to have a unique experience, one that you cannot have anywhere else? Or has the world become thoroughly homogenised? Sometimes it seems so. 955 more words


Finding Hope in the Dark

It was a subtle change, yet I felt its impact as if a door slammed shut in my heart.

During the Thanksgiving weekend, I visited Mom. 256 more words


An Updated Guide to Campus Dining Halls

by Jessica Gregory

There have been a few changes in Barnard’s (and Columbia’s) dining halls this semester! So, in the interest of saving you a trip to each place in order to find out, here is a comprehensive list of available dining halls for Barnard students and, if any, the changes that have happened within. 483 more words


Food, Glorious Food!

Dining halls are a must for anyone living in on campus housing. There are four buffet places (1 swipe to get in) and tons of other places on campus that will do partial swipes. 613 more words

I Sure Hope I'm Hungry...

I had breakfast this morning at the Au Bon Pain in Kern Building, a fairly unremarkable way to start a Monday—or a brand new semester for that matter. 206 more words

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