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A Tale of Two Chippies

“They were the best of chips, they were the worst of chips, it was the taste of vinegar, it was the taste of tartare, it was the epoch of disbelief at the cost, it was the epoch of incredulity at the taste, it was the seafront of Brighton, it was the hilltops of Yorkshire, it was the spring of 2017, it was the winter of 2016.”

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Carter Smith Devlin & Co - Williamstown, Melbourne

Sunday breakfast today was any Carter Smith Devlin & Co, Williamstown, Melbourne. I like Williamstown for a cafe destination because of the small fishing port feel to the town, the heritage buildings and ship memorabilia places around the town. 296 more words


A Tale of Two Rugelach: Commonwealth Cambridge & Mamaleh's

Rugelach is a classic New York Jewish treat. It is made with a cream cheese pastry crust. I have never made rugelach (I don’t think) but I recently did try my hand at a cream cheese crust for this rugelach inspired… 412 more words


What's in a Restaurant Name?

Merriam has been telling people who speak the English language that the noun “tavern” is ‘an establishment where alcoholic beverages are sold to be drunk on the premises’. 692 more words


She knows how to market

About 50 yards from my house there is a two-lane road that parallels the main street, Phetkasem. It is a very busy road, as I can attest since it’s part of my evening power walk. 381 more words

Trying Charchis

First Friday of the year – went out for lunch! Originally, I had wanted to go to Freshiis for a healthier option but my coworker suggest Charchis. 93 more words


Street eats in Delhi

I’m grateful for having half my roots from Delhi as the food, shopping, archaeological sites and the history make the city an incredible one. I haven’t been there as often as it could seem, but my recent short visit did gift me the pleasure of hogging a lot of street food. 328 more words