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This is it, Summer at last?

We don’t have good weather here in the UK all of the time or even most of the time. Our seasons are all over the place sometimes so that when we expect warm weather it can be cold, expecting dry weather and it… 671 more words


Restaurant review: Windjammer Restaurant

While visiting the Commercial Drive neighborhood, we happened upon the Windjammer Restaurant. I remembered this establishment from its previous locals on Main street in the 2000s, and even when it was on Oak Street in the 1980s. 257 more words

Dining Out

Reviewing Alaturco Mediterranean Grill in Ballston Spa

I’ve been really sleeping on this review.  I had the pictures ready to go months and months ago.  Maybe my subconscious plan was to intentionally… 1,048 more words


My Rustic Morning by Isabelo's

A few Sundays back, I woke up early and took the husband out for a brunch date to Isabelo’s.

There’s a certain charm in dining during the first hours of the day, while the birds are still merrily chirping, the air still clean, the sun–and you–still excited.   341 more words

Foti’s Restaurant-A Culinary Delight in Culpeper

For this months restaurant showcase we decided to return to Culpeper, Virginia and visit a small town with big restaurants. By big, I don’t mean size, but rather taste, and one of the best is Foti’s Restaurant. 799 more words

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The Hideout Kitchen & Cafe, Lafayette

It’a story that I love to tell…it all started from an ad placed on Craig’s List for a line cook.   I met and interviewed a young boy from the Philippines (19 years old at the time) and I hired him on the spot at our restaurant, Little Star Cafe, in Walnut Creek.   196 more words

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