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5-Veg curry

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Since starting a new job, I’ve had to get used to the rhythms of working life. My hours and overtime have clocked up against my motivation to cook and bake anything new. 361 more words


Gumbo for a Cold Day

So, a cold front swept through my neck of the woods this past weekend. It was shocking, because despite Fall starting roughly three weeks ago, it’s been in the high-70’s and 80’s the past couple of weeks. 839 more words


Beanz still meanz Heinz: Macedonian tavche gravche

‘I’m going to write the fastest blog post ever,’ Miranda declared just now as she sat down at the computer. The irony of this then dawned on her, as she considered the fact that this dish was probably the one that has taken longer to cook than any other. 519 more words


4th Nongsa Carnival Turi Beach Batam Island (Indonesia ) Impressed International Tourism

BATAM ISLAND, Indonesia – Oct. 17, 2017 – Turi Beach resort was delighted to share that the 4th Nongsa Carnival was held on 13th – 14th 2017 went splendid. 591 more words


"Amy's" Frozen Meals Review #1 (New Series)

So, in the past year we’ve moved out of our studio apartment-style dorm room into a two-bedroom apartment that’s still close to campus. And we got a dog. 472 more words


Best pork enchiladas ever!

These pork enchiladas are so easy to make, smell so good & taste even better! 763 more words


Mushroom Dinner

Craig hated mushrooms.

It wasn’t anything to do with the dangers they presented. Craig knew there were some horribly toxic mushrooms, but those were a small minority of the overall fungi kingdom. 160 more words

Short Story