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Emergency dinner in 15 minutes!

Its Friday night and the plan was to go out for dinner tonight. But things don’t often go according to plan at the Garnett house. 405 more words

What's For Dinner

Food Challenge

I think at times I’m a bit dorky.

Okay, maybe more than just at times.


I love to challenge myself when it comes to our grocery shopping, meals, and how far I can stretch something. 966 more words

Challenge Meal #5 - White Pizza with Arugula

After cooking with only the ingredients I purchased on my shopping trip this week (minus a few exceptions, of course), I’ve realized how much I usually rely on my pantry.  477 more words

Challenge Meal #4 - Cilantro Lime Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs

Somehow it’s Friday again, which means another week has gone by without me catching up on laundry or getting enough packing done.  But hey, at least I’ve been cooking!  448 more words


Challenge Meal #3 - Pasta with Garlicky Shrimp & Arugula

So Challenge Meal #1 and Meal #2 were good, but Meal #3 has been my favorite so far. It’s so simple (you’re really only cooking the shrimp and the pasta – everything else gets thrown in the pot before you serve it), it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients (but you would never guess), and it’s super light despite being a pasta dish. 642 more words


Challenge Meal #2 - Lemony Spring Vegetable Risotto

Another thing I’ve realized from this challenge is that even though you may not feel like cooking dinner one night you do it anyway because your meal plan is set and you’ve already purchased the ingredients to make those meals. 713 more words

Challenge Meal #1 - Roasted Salmon with Lime Butter & Corn Salad

Thank goodness the shopping part of my challenge is over. The stress of watching the total go up, up, and up on the computer screen at Whole Foods with the beep of each item passing over the scanner was almost too much for me to handle. 522 more words