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...about last night

Bon jour and Joyeux vendredi!

Although this was earlier this week I am still floating! Mon mari adoring surprised me with the ultimate experience that has kept a smile on my face since we stepped foot in the quaint little French restaurant in the historical district near downtown. 998 more words

Dinner Challenge

...partie d'un s'il vous plait

Bon jour! This post has arrived much earlier this week–however, I was inspired to share based on the title of the challenge “Raison D’etre”

Over 16 years ago, I discovered the power of 1 when my sister suggested that I attend to the movies alone or try dining alone. 1,014 more words


...dinnertime challenge | Guess who we had for dinner?

Bon jour! C‘est une belle journée. It has been raining nonstop since Sunday, accompanied by thunder and lightning each evening. I had the privilege of hanging up my apron last night, thanks to the benevolence of my daughters. 1,209 more words

Dinner Challenge