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Aleppo Pepper

I have read about Aleppo pepper for the past month while I research Syrian cuisine for this project. I was unfamiliar with this spice and wanted to try it.   182 more words

Dinner Parties

Deadly Chocolate Pecan Fridgecake Recipe

This is one of those recipes that takes minimal effort and gives maximum results. To. Die. For. Just note that although it’s quick to make, you need to allow for 1-2 hours for setting in the fridge. 196 more words

Easy Recipes

Wonder of Wonders

Miracle of miracles….. Talking with MIL M the other day I heard wind in the background but she’s already planted in Texas, it was warm and she was picking asparagus for dinner that comes up every year. 727 more words


Crispy quinoa-crusted salmon and creme fraiche sauce

This is a perfect mid-week crowd pleaser because it honestly requires very little effort or time. I served this up to my fiance and my Mum on a Wednesday night she decided to drop in and worked a treat. 438 more words


Caesar Salad, Pancetta wrapped Cod, Jelly, Ice Cream and Chocolate

Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents dearly. But for two immensely talented and successful people, they are absolutely hopeless at feeding themselves. People think I’m joking when they ask where I learnt to cook and I tell them it wasn’t so much where but why, it was a necessity if I didn’t want to live off fish cakes for the majority of my teenage years. 783 more words


"Just who do you think you are?"

You can probably imagine I get this question sometimes.  When you step out in faith, when you really trust God and agree with His awesomeness, sometimes you will find opposition. 1,550 more words