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Supper Clubs: Connecting dinner guests

Have you often thought about organising a dinner party at home for friends but:

1) looked at the cost of the ingredients, flowers, candles and cleaning up after guests leave… 101 more words

Dinner Parties

A mid-week celebration

Eating on the couch always feels like a decadent treat.  Plate or bowl balanced on your lap, you can snuggle in and enjoy your meal, normally in my case while binge watching something on Netflix. 297 more words

Everyday Life

Welcome to Thick as Thieves Kitchen: Passion Projects

Cooking hasn’t always been something I was good at, or even interested in.

As a kid growing up with a single mom, and busy schedules, it was infrequent for us to have a meal around a table together unless a special occasion came about. 207 more words


Brunch (a baked French toast recipe inside)

(Scroll down for the recipe)

Horseback riding was a hobby I threw myself into when I was 19. I can’t recall what got me into it, except, oh yes I remember; it was after the 2004 Sochi Olympic Games where I followed Sasha Cohen religiously as she strode on ice and didn’t land her triple-axel jumps. 861 more words


January 2018 - Now accepting new clients!

New Year, New You.

January is the time when everyone is excited to get off to a fresh start. How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up so far? 104 more words


Here's to 'Peter's Friends' and more dinner parties

Sometimes I imagine how it would feel to discover an episode of, say, Sex and the City, that I’ve never watched before.

Now I don’t have to because a couple of days ago I learned of a Kenneth Branagh-directed movie co-starring Emma Thompson that I’d never heard of and let me tell you, it felt great. 1,411 more words

At Home

Things I'm no good at - Part 6 - Being ambisextrous...

Sorry, what? Don’t you mean ambidextrous? Losing your spelling skills there Carl?

No, not in the slightest. Apparently (according to my dinner guests) it’s a thing. 246 more words