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My Nightmare Dinner Party

I never wanted to go to this dinner party.   The thought of it appalled me. I had much more important things to do.   I could have watched telly.   303 more words


Conspiracy Theorist’s Nipples Harden As Group Discussion Moves To 5G

A conspiracy theorist’s nipples have given away his excitement as a conversation he was part of began to transition to a discussion around 5G.

Trent McGaw, 37, tried to hide his enthusiasm and pull his jacket over his ever expanding ‘chesticles,’ a clear sign as to how thrilled he was to teach his friends what he had learnt of page 5 of google search results. 139 more words

Social Media

Forecasting Foresights

Trends are very difficult to define. I find they mean individual things to everyone. According to Google, a trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. 265 more words


Dirty Snapper in Parchment

If a martini can be dirty & delicious with the addition of olives, why can’t fish? No need to shake or stir – let the steam inside the parchment pouch do the work of infusing the olive flavors into the fish. 415 more words


Indulge your girly side: Raise a glass on 9 August with these beautiful bottles

Women’s Day is almost here. Maybe this year, you decided you’re going to have a girls’ night. Whether you and your gal pals decide to stay in or go out for the evening, you’ll need some yummy drinks to loosen things up. 978 more words

Caffeine And Cashmere

Retro Cooking: 1930's Inspired Stuffed Choux

I love a good chou. It is such a satisfying thing to make. As you mix it, it feels like it’s going wrong, won’t work (or at least that’s my personal experience every single time), then all of a sudden, you get the right consistency and your faith in the culinary world returns. 525 more words


Baked Ziti Recipe

I’ve never been the best cook in the kitchen, so I’ve been trying new dinner recipes to practice my cooking skills. I always fall back on this baked ziti recipe, however. 189 more words