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Correcting a bit of a mistake

Well, it turns out that the day I signed up on WordPress was 14 January, not 17… ^^” The notification must have been there since the 14th but because I’d only logged in just yesterday, it looked like the 17th was the anniversary… 255 more words

A Journal Of Everyday's Journey

Sex Worker Reunion

“You know the work you do is sending you straight to hell, right?” The neighborhood priest was not happy with the new ‘teen sex clinic’. I was responsible for communications so it was my job answer. 253 more words

A Project A Day Keeps Dept Collectors Away

Setting the Table 4/3 - A Year Later

Last year I invited 4 people to have dinner with 3 strangers and me. Everyone knew me, but not each other.  It was fun so we met a few times more. 206 more words

The Journey Is The Destination

My Magazine Home: A Journey Into My Escape Thru Luxe Magazine

It’s raining outside on this Saturday morning … in fact, it’s the last day of the 2016 year.  I just finished eating a homemade breakfast my lovely hubby cooked for us (Belgian waffles with honey … and an espresso to compliment).   608 more words

Fun & Shenanigans

I Don't Know About This

Dinner with friends and I’m passed this. I’ve never even been a root beer fan. But well…Monday!


An Evening with Friends

Always feel really proud when I’ve cooked successfully for friends. I know I run a Pop up Restaurant for a Living so, yes, am well used to cooking but it’s always different for friends. 899 more words


Banana's and Bubble Water

My nutritionist says I don’t have an eating disorder, I have disordered eating.  My current plan is to create a strict diet that is cheap, easy to make and clean. 157 more words

1/3 Life Crisis