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Ben in Eugene

Had a blast while Ben was in town. Got to see a Ducks game, discover a new board game, and of course, climb to the top of Spencer’s Butte. 56 more words

Jasmine & Jena

Had the fun of hosting a couple of terrific friends for dinner tonight – Jasmine and Jena.

The two of them are taking a buddy road trip up the California Coast and into Oregon, both at kind of a transition point in life… it sounds like a familiar storyline to me! 18 more words

And we're back! 

Big and Small are back! We’ve had our ups and downs! Whoever said moving to a new country would be easy!

The procedures getting here were even more time consuming! 444 more words

Small And Big Thing's Food Love

The Ill-Planned Grand Tour: Part 3

A friend of mine and I used to be crazy for amusement parks. Every year we’d plan a summer trip around an amusement park, and we’d milk each day for all it was worth. 3,114 more words


Pizza With Rob & Marie

Hanging out with Rob and Marie means cooking up a storm and hours of great conversation. This night was no exception and we got to break in our newly purchased dining room table. 11 more words


Today is going to be very relaxing.

Sipping tea, chillin with the kids, and later making dinner and heading to our friends house so our kids can visit their God parents and their children! 30 more words

Char's Beauty Blurb

Into Africa....10 years later....my safari 2005

Safari is a Swahili word meaning “journey” and it has nothing to do with animals. Someone “on safari” is just away and unobtainable and out of touch. 1,477 more words