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8/7/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I spent the day in meetings at NMT.  We had our annual department retreat, and by retreat, I mean we hung out in the same room as all of our meetings, but we did so all day instead of for an hour. 58 more words

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Heuston...we have a problem!

So I’ve told you before about my July mums, and how we met online, and how we’re still best of pals 7 years on. The only problem with not meeting the conventional way is that the gang lives in Dublin, and I live in Waterford, so, no spur of the moment cappuccinos for us, everything has to be planned, and somebody (usually me) has to travel. 805 more words

You Couldn't Make It Up!

Dinner with Ronnie.

Segui il tuo corso et lascia dir les genti
(follow your own road and let people talk)


We had had too much to eat, and, in all likelihood, too much to drink.

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6/28/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out the day by going for a 3.46 mi, 40 minute run, even though the temperature was quite warm.  I might have been able to go for longer, but I was afraid of overdoing things in the heat. 100 more words

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6/14/17: Daily Post

Yesterday was a travel day for me, though I did get to do some visiting as well.  I left my parents’ house and headed south towards Virginia Beach.   163 more words

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Pull Up A Chair, Grab A Fork And Enjoy or Ignore The Dishes

So I was having some people over for a meal, nothing formal although given the amount of preparation and planning on my part you’d think it was going to be more formal. 197 more words

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6/10/17: Daily Post

Yesterday, I dropped JoAnna and Joey off at the conference and then did a little driving.  I drove nearly to Erie, PA, then turned around and drove to Steubenville, OH.   96 more words

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