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My 25th Birthday

Birthday was actually on January 7th

Normally I hate my Birthday just like I hate Christmas and New Year but this time was different. I wanted to be surrounded by my friends, they mean a lot to me. 927 more words


Vegetarians, Day 3: That Smells Good, Too Bad I Can't Eat It

Day 3

At the start of this experiment, I decided I never wanted to be one of those people who make their vegetarianism a big deal. 448 more words


End of year wine tasting...

I know you hear this all the time and have probably being saying it yourself too… I just don’t know where the year has gone and that Christmas is just around the corner… it feels as if I have only just finished writing the blogs from the summer…. 598 more words

Wine & Food Pairings

Sea Salt Restaurant - Seminyak - Bali - Indonesia - July 2018

My first visit to Bali 

I had never been to Bali but earlier this year my friend Sandy who lives in Timor Leste  intended going there for a short break so I invited myself.   367 more words

Travels Outside China

A Bit of a 'Do'

Apparently the word ‘Do’ ages us, the ‘young people’ no longer go to a ‘Do’.. well we’ve been to many a ‘Do’ and hope to go to more ‘Dos’ for many years to come.. 145 more words

Wine & Food Pairings

Food Photography - True Tramm Trunk

Some members from my book club got together for a mid-week dinner, to discuss possible activities the club could take up for its readers in the upcoming weeks to end the year, and also initiatives to usher in the new year. 225 more words


Its Autumn in Italy...

Sorry….Bit late with the October blog post, I shouldn’t feel too bad as its really in the spirit of the wine, well, the country they were from.. 1,123 more words

Wine & Food Pairings